Simple Prop Protection?

Hello, i have steam and have Garry’s mod and half life 2. The problem is that i don’t have the category for the prop protection and Ive tried installing it over and over. Under utilities all i see is user= clean up and undo, i see no client. Can anyone help?


Go into single player mode, see if it is there then.
Also check if the server has it installed.
I do not know why, as it always comes with gmod when i get it.

its not in single player mode either, if it helps i have recently formatted and have currently windows 7. I have a clean install with no mods. Can anyone please help?

DarkRP got Protetion :slight_smile:

So if i go onto the server i will be able to download that catagory?

Simple prop protection is a download. It doesnt come with garrysmod by default.

I have windows7 aswell, and it came with it

so i download it and install it?


Only to a server. No point having it on a client.

can someone give me instructions on how i do this and where to download the latest one?


You get the latest one from SVN.
SVN Tutorial:

that tutorial is confusing to me, people say i should already have it as it came with the game.
is there a simple addon to fix this issue or do i have to do all that?

Tell me which bit is confusing.

It doesn’t come with the game.

You have to do all that.