Simple question about VTFedit

I don’t suppose there’s a “texturing” forum so I’ll post it here hoping there isn’t, too lazy to check,
here’s my problem, I have a prop, it’s all working fine and dandy, I decide to make a normal map of it and it comes out ok, I decide to make it an Envmap so only some parts get reflected, after some time I finally figure out how to make it only to discover that I can’t have Envmap and Normal separated, I try removing normal and the envmap works wonderfully, now, I know how to put them together, bump map in RGB channel for VTFedit and Envmap in the alpha channel, problem being I know only the bare minimum of VTFedit, I see the channels and can switch to them [RGB, R, G, B, A (Which I assume is alpha)] but I can not for the life of me put the envmap in the alpha channel, I tried importing it, opening it, copying and pasting it, all in the alpha channel while the RGB channel has the bumpmap, I tried searching online but all that comes out is “how to make transparent sprays” etc etc, most of them don’t even use VTFedit, so the question is: How do I do literally anything into the alpha channel for VTFedit?

[EDIT] I assume I don’t need screenshots for this but will post if needed, also I’m using version 1.2.5, and VTFlib (???) version 1.2.7

I figured out that I can use Gimp with a VTF plugin to make an alpha channel, but now I have the same situation of not having tutorials to do these sort of things, they all show “save as VTF” when I can only export as VTF, and when I do and select the alpha channel, then select the alpha layer to become the alpha channel it just ignores the bump map itself and make a VTF with RGB, R, G, B and A all of the same, the alpha, when I wanted it to be only alpha channel, why can’t it never work in the first try…