Simple question regarding putting keypresses on a timer

Hello! I have a simple question that I am hoping can be addressed in the community. I am hoping to simply have some keypresses put on a timer so that they can automatically be toggled on perhaps a 5 or 10 second timer. This is for a construct that I am doing and I am trying to automate thruster action. I was looking for a tool on the workshop but perhaps this is something that can be taken care of simply by a scripting process on the console? Any help is appreciated.

or check gmod default binds on certain keys, or get your players to bind keys themselves.

Thanks. I appreciate the input. I’ll admit I’m very new to programming but I think this should give me something to work with. Thanks. I’ll go through the wiki and attempt to dissect the programming and understand this. I can see where in the script you created the timer argument, so I believe now I need to figure out how to put in the particular key binds that are needed.

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Also, can I execute this in the console?

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I’ve played around with this, so far I was able to copy the script into a LUA editor tool in Garrys Mod and execute it, as well as type “Omni_Timer” into the console to run the script, however, I cannot tell where I can edit the script to put the function to execute the keyboard presses for the timer. I looked through the functions on the Wiki but so far I do not think I have found what I needed.