Simple Question

There is a way to build thrusters with wire so they can hold a specific altitude right?
How do you go about making something like that?

Well, you could just use a vector thruster and have it thrust towards vec(0,0,Alt-entity():pos():z())*-1 so long as the chip is right on the thruster.

Not sure I understand what you’re saying. I’m just an amateur builder. I know very little.


you should go about this using a delta chip. And gt118 you are WRONG!

Thruster pointing down or vector thruster with -1 Mul on Z

Mul = HoverHeight - Range - $ Range

Range being a ranger facing downwards and HoverHeight being your height variable.

Simple question, simple answer

this is the most basic way to hover something, you’ll figure out better ways but this is a good starting point.

Thanks, I don’t quite get it now, but once I turn on Gmod, I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

I tried looking for a gyro stablized tutorial on youtube so that we could end this thread quickly, but I couldn’t find one. Lol.

Sorry I couldn’t help.

Note that Hunta’s solution will hover a certain height above the ground (conforming to terrain) while Lyinginbedmon’s will hover at a certain height no matter where on the map (like a hoverball).

If you don’t understand either maybe you should just stick with hoverballs :downs:

Your right. It depends if you want it to hover statically or dynamically.

Dynamic hovering would basically be 3 or more rangers pointing downward with 1 thruster for each ranger. A simple smoothing equation for each set of ranger and thruster would be all you needed for proper hovering.

I’ll give an example. Let’s say I want a 2x2 plate to hover 100 units above the ground. Put a ranger at each corner facing downward and a thruster on the opposite side with a negative value. Spawn an add chip and a delta chip for each set of thrusters and rangers. Next click on the add chip, and input the distance value from the ranger. Do the same with the delta chip. Then right click the add chip to the “B” value and click your delta chip. Wire your thruster to the add chip. This will now hover at 0 units from the ground. Now wire a constant value of -100 to your add chip. Now this will hover at 100 units from the ground.

If your contraption is smoothing out as well as you’d like, multiply the delta chip by a value of your choosing and input that number back into your add chip.

I hope this helps…