Simple Rally Cars, phys_timescale and some boxes

Karbine and I got bored, and decided to kill some time by building some simple rally cars and then hurling them through piles of boxes.



Nice video quality.

kp3, why is every post you make completely negative and shitty

Well. The video quality sucks. I don’t know if it will become better later after youtube have processed it or something but as for now i cant really say anything about it because i don’t see any details.

That trebuchet was hilarious though.

Dumb ratings go

EDIT : What the fuck, I just watched the video and seriously, did you use Indeo Codec from 2001 ?

I like in the first 7 seconds… how the camera pans left to make up for the speed of the car as it crashes through.
but then Karbine changed the timescale and faked out the cameraman… loolol

I’m sad :frowning:

I used sourcerecorder and record/playdemo to record 10 different things we did. Things got fucked up by the demo, the default codec is pretty garbage, I recorded it at 640x480 because I didn’t need 2GB .avis sitting on my hard-drive, youtube could still be processing…

There’s a lot of reasons why it looks like garbage. Concept was cool, and we had fun fucking around with it.

Lol i need to play with you guys more often, looks like fun stuff i would do.