simple realistic gamemode.

i want to make a gamemode.

hardly done anything other than brainStorming but here is what i’m imagining

a co-op zs gamemode,
you can only carry 2 primary weapons, 1 pistol, 1 meele.

scavanging for supplys, weapons, and building materials,
aswell as exploring for better places to stay, would be big in this gamemode.

you could choose some starting supplys, and have a small inventory. for stuff you pick up.

really, it would be like: gmod, left for dead, counter-strike, and the last stand flash game all stuck together.

and i want to be against npcs for shure, thats just the way i am.

if anyone can help teah me about this sort of stuff i would be varry :D-Y (smiley)

and if you just want to steal this idea and leave me to rot, aleast let me know about it so i can play yours.

Sounds familiar.

like? i mean really, you could aleast tell me what makes it framiliar!

Probbaly Zombie Panic! and alot of other zombie mods out their.
But this could be a fun GMod Gamemode with some extra features.

You plan on making it yourself or is it a request?

you know, i want to make it, but its seeming like it will be kinda hard.
with my minimal lua experience and all.

I’m still getting use to lua in garrysmod to :smiley:
But practise makes work :smiley:

So the zombies would it be npc’s and humans against zombies (npc’s)?

it would mainly be a sort of 4 player game, but i could supplement players with freindly npcs.
but the enimies would definatly be npc-zombies

my first problem is just getting the weapon system to be how i want it.

Seems fun and stuff, and I would love to help, but currently busy on a own project.

yeah, what can i expect :3

i think ill ask about the counter-strike-like weapon system, wherever i can ask.