Simple Reload Sound - Help

So I’m doing a Time Crisis Machinima via Gmod, and so I’m using a simple SWEP with the SFX from the game. When the ammo counter reaches 0, I want the weapon to play the announcer from the game saying “RELOAD!”. I’ve looked all around but found little in the way of helping me with such a thing.

I’ve tried [lua]SWEP.ReloadSound = (“RELOAD.wav”)[/lua] , but that didn’t work.

Alternatively, if I could add a custom sound when the player manually reloads, that’s fine too.

Thanks in advance.

Umm… the only thing i can think of is put the “RELOAD” sound into the right (it said write, i edited it) folder, and make sure the name is right.


put RELOAD.wav in garrysmod/sounds

If you’re doing this on a server you may need the code line:

–Something like that, not 100 percent sure.