Simple Round system Gmod 13

I want a simple round system when team 0 is dead , that the round restarts

I have a clue on how to script this , but i have no clear clue on making it

Help me !

Thx ! Regards sm69baller

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If you Google “Acecool Round” you should find 2 or more threads where I made a “mock” round-system which does what you’re asking. You may need to finalize it ( rules ), but it should be what you’re looking for.

[lua]hook.Add( “PlayerDeath”, “”, function( ply, inflictor, attacker )

local teamdead = true – pretend all players are dead
for k, v in pairs( team.GetPlayers( 1 ) ) do – assuming the team you want to check has the index “1”
if v:Alive() then teamdead = false end – if a single one is alive then reverse it

if teamdead then round_restart() – if it’s still true (ie all players are dead) then run the restart round function
end )[/lua] I posted this a while back to help someone with a similar problem, I’ve modified it to suit your needs. Also, this is how I would restart the round:
[lua]function round_restart()
game.CleanUpMap() – reset the map
for k, v in pairs( player.GetAll() ) do
v:KillSilent() – kill all players without the pesky death sounds
v:Spawn() – Respawn all players
I hope this helped.

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