Simple Rounds?

Hello, I was wondering if there was a simple way of making rounds for gamemodes without using the Fretta base. What I’ve got so far is 4 global variables, like so:
SetGlobalVar(“ROUND_STATE”, nil)
SetGlobalVar(“ROUND_PREPARE”, 0)
SetGlobalVar(“ROUND_PLAY”, 1)
SetGlobalVar(“ROUND_WAIT”, 2)

Then, I’ve got functions hooked onto events (like the necessary amount of players needed to be in the server for a round to start) in which the ROUND_STATE is changed to one of those values. And then I’ve got functions for each of those ROUND_ variables, in which the round takes place and actions happen, etc. I was just wondering, is there a more simple way of doing rounds? Or is this generally how I should go about doing it?

I don’t see a problem with that, it’s how TTT does it and it’s easy to use in scripting.

I was always wondering how to make a round system.

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Well not just round system but that one aswell.

You don’t need to use SetGlobalVar unless it changes.
Just make a variable in shared.lua

It does change, from ROUND_PREPARE to ROUND_PLAY to ROUND_WAIT and so on. (0, 1, and 2 respectively.)

@LilSumac, You only need the variable for ROUND_STATE since only that changes.
ROUND_STATE = 0, 1 or 2 depending on state.

And you can use ROUND_PREPARE = 0, ROUND_PLAY = 1, ROUND_WAIT = 2 in the place of those numbers.

Exactly. I know I don’t have to assign them variables, but I do so just so I don’t have to remember the exact integer values. I do the same with teams too, like TEAM_WANKS = 3 … team.SetUp(TEAM_WANKS, etc etc). Just makes things easier to keep track of, IMO. Anyway, thanks for the help.