Simple Rust Crafting Calculator

Hello everyone

Noticing that after crafting many items I would lose track of all the materials I would need I decided to make this handy calculator.
Simply input how many of something eg. Arrows to make and it will tell you how many materials you will need. Enjoy and if there
are any bugs please do tell. I was having problems with previous web-host but new link is below.

Nice idea. Good job

Accidently friendlied. Meant to useful. Excellent dude.

“Bug (maybe it’s just not finished)”:
Handmade Lockpick shows wrong resources. Should be 8 LQM and 5 Cloth but the calculator shows only 5 Wood.

I would recommend to add the Craft and Clear buttons to the top also (maybe below the materials list), because the normal use would be:

  • highlight item to craft
  • input amount
  • press enter
  • scroll up to view material list
    Because the buttons are on the bottom of the page, the user needs one extra scroll to clear the list.

Overall a nice calculator, nice design and easy to use.

You can refresh the page to rerate.

Looks good. Metal window bars are missing though!