Simple Rust Server [Looking for Admins]

We’re a new server. Here are some things right off the bat you should know.

  • We are both students at the same school so we won’t be on during school hours
  • If you suspect any hackers, report them to this forum and they will be banned from the server
  • Anyone suspected of hacking will be banned immediately

Other things:

  • We are currently looking for more admins to moderate the server, if you are interested, please send me a PM with the hours you can be on and when you’ll be off.
  • We are planning on implementing Oxide in the near future; hopefully this up coming weekend.

***Hope to see you in the server ~


  1. Friedrice
  2. 360_TurnIt_KillemAll

[Just Copy and Paste into F1 command prompt]

Can u install Sleepover for Oxide and more “anti bugs” ?

Let me know when you get on. I would like to speak with you. Add me on steam.

~ Bruh

Anyone suspected of hacking will be banned. So any noob on the block can post on your forums about who they suspect is a “l33t haxors” and you will ban them? Good luck keeping any real competitive action on your server…

What’s your Steam name?

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Working on installing it right now.

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We’re still working on adding more administrators to the server.

My steam name is Bruh