Simple scipt needed for mapping, will give BattlefieldBadCompany2 Beta key (PC)


This code legal? You could get banned for warez if you talk about pirating software (Not backseat moderating, I’m warning.)


Sure, i’ll get right on it.

Altough saving connections (Welds, etc.) might become a bit tricky.


Here, i can’t test it in the map editor but this saves the prop data to garrysmod/data/gtovmf/file.txt

Tool comes out in-game but doesn’t select anything, nor does it offer any commentary on how to use.

What you mean doesn’t select anything? you just need to click on a model with the stool and then rightclick to save the selected models to garrysmod/data/gtovmf/file.txt

ahh, okay, ingame it doesn’t notify or say “Hey you selected this, it looks like nothing happens”

Let me try now


nope still doesn’t work

It doesn’t select anything? or it doesn’t write the file?

If this still works then how about you try this.