Simple sdk problem

Im just getting started, so i’m assuming this is a simple problem.

I made my first map, but the walls are extremely bright, so bright they are pretty much white. I have no lights.

Its fullbright.
add some lights

Ah, thx will do as soon as source sdk finishes downloading :frowning:

also is there any way i can just evenly light everywhere rather than have lights?

Why would you want to, it looks horribly unrealistic.

Well my map is kinda portal themed with portal texture walls and portal never had any lamps in the test chambers…

i want it to look like it does in sdk right now.

By default, if your map contains no light entities then everything in it will be fully lit. This is called ‘fullbright’.

Portal has lights. Look harder.

Portal uses blue uplighting to create an even glow. It still has lights.

OH, well i guess my memory fails me again. Well can i still make it all evenly lighted without spots of concentrated light?

Yes…there used to be a tutorial floating around on lighting portal maps.

used to?

The thread got oblitorated ina forum time warp glitch. Check the SDK example maps I guess.

From what I remember it uses texture lights and gradient lighting decals.

Time warp… Like the 2nd page becomes the first and the first dissappears?

Pretty much.

I remember that happened to a really really good bullettime mod.

Well, any way to evenly light up the place WITH lights? What i have right now is too dark and too blotchy.


Okay… Googled texture lights and it worked at 50 brightness, though occasionally there are verry white spots as if he light is coming from them.