Simple Server Hosting Service Question

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What do you guys recommend purchasing from a server hosting service? A Game Server, VDS, or VPS? Thanks guys!

It depends on what you want and your experience with “servers” (windows/linux, not game servers), if you just want a single gmod server renting a game server could fit well, I believe NFO throw in free webhosting with a game server so it’s a decent deal if you just want a single game server

VDS/VPSes are good for a small community with not very intensive gmod servers, you can run a webserver and mysql and 1-2 game servers off a single solid VPS and then you get the benefit (and downside if you’re not that experienced) of having full, manual control over everything (fine tuning your web server, I’m a bit of a speed junky and got a small mybb forum generating pages in like <20ms with php7 and a bunch of other little tweaks) - VPSes generally are actually cheaper/better value than renting a single game server, but again you’ll have to do it all your self (though there are plenty of guides) unless you have a host who doesn’t mind supporting you through every step

if you want to run a large community/multiple pretty intensive servers you’d probably start to need a dedicated machine which will cost a lot more but functionally is the same as a VPS, just not virtual and all dedicated resources are yours

I just got a vds from nfo yesterday, Everything seemed hard to control with putty but then I got used to it. Can hold up a 32 slot gmod ttt server fine if they put you on their E5 nodes. Great value vs renting from services

If you just want a small server and individual game server is the way to go.

If you are looking for a dedicated server I bought the Intel Xeon Westmere from here It works very well for my 3 gmod servers.

I guess I’ll go with a game server as of now. I am very familiar with linux/windows. However, I am only going to run a single Garry’s Mod server.

Thanks for your advice!

Sorry this may come off as advertising, but i’d advice you go with GMCHosting. They sell their game-servers based off of how much of a CPU core you’d like allocated to your server, rather than playercount.

the problem with that is the price (and im sure NFO prices for game servers suck too), I’m sure you could run a 64 player server on NFO’s lowest VPS, which they say is a single dedicated core too, and that’s literally 8 bucks vs GMC’s 40 bucks, if you’re even slightly worried about money a vps is much better value

edit: nfo’s gmod server prices come out to about 55 bucks for 64 slots too, basically, the more player slots you think you’re gonna want/need, the more value almost any good vps (nfo, afterburst, ramnode) gains over renting a game server from a GSP

not when you have people nulling nfo to prove there ddos sucks

Im sure there ddos is fine for basic attackes. If you are going to need state of the art protection then nfo is not for you.

nfo never claim to be a ddos protected host, people just label them as one, they’ll happily help filter (in my experience) source specific layer 7 attacks, and even like < 10gbs attacks I’ve heard they’re able to help you deal with, obviously if the attack is affecting other people then they have to null route you (they don’t do that for fun, there probably isn’t anything else they can do if it’s affecting network quality to other clients/upstream), if high bandwidth ddos protection is your goal nfo have never claimed to fit that need

even if I needed high bandwidth protection I personally would still go for an ovh vps (even though they don’t have the best performance) as money saved is still , the benefits of a GSP is really just having them manage everything for you

NFO is only good when it comes to protecting you from basic booters, but i’d think that at his point every host would be good at that. GMC is an option if your server is likely to get bigger somewhere down the line. I’d advice you don’t cheap out on your host, just because you’re starting off. The low pings you get from high tier hosts help your server get discovered.
I started at Serenity servers and got nowhere, then I switched out to NFO and my server boomed with a large playerbase.

PS. Keep in mind that because NFO is regarded to as the #1 host for source servers, people have god a set of exploits that may be utilized to induce a null-route for a few hours at a time AND while their support IS instant, I’ve never found them to be useful.