Simple solution to aimbot -- remove all guns, make bows only ranged weapons available

Maybe it’s an extreme solution, but the nature of the bow would make using the aimbot basically useless except at close range.

Whats to say there isn’t an aimbot made with the bow in mind that can somehow setup perfect trajectory and such? Or for that matter why would the bow being the only ranged weapon matter if they’d just have to get closer?

Even with only bows, someone could still craft a hack that could estimate the arrow trajectory and point your cursor at just the right height before firing, based on the horizontal distance and coordinates from your target. Granted, you’d have to deal with the slow reload time and firing rate in some other way.

While I’d like to see guns be less accessible and more difficult to craft, removing them altogether just because some script kiddies abuse them is silly.

There is.

BAN WALKING so people cant speedhack!!!

BAN the graphics! people cant ESP!