Simple Tank Crawler

Made with Sliders and Elastics

-Can Drift
-Can Crawl 65 degree grounds
-Smooth Ride :smiley:

bleh, u know i have bad pc, see ma fps?

Interesting way to do suspension

As soon as i heard sliders, and then the pictures : oh god. Does it survive dupeing and constant use? Sliders tend to die a bit.

duping, nope doesnt survive, i tested duping 3 similar “wheels pack” in one side, one survived, 2 was bugged, i need to assemble each time i want to use em’

cant understand my english?, Rate NOW!

That suspension system looks very unstable and possibly laggy.

It has been done before and is nothing special.

I’m going to say that this is not thread worthy, because it looks like shit, old design, and it’s pretty pointless to have a thread for it.

Should have gone in this thread -

Sliders?! You may want to try it like this:

also, what map is that?

gm_driftndrag_v3 not privately released

Do you mean publicly released?

Do real tanks even use suspensions?

Yes, all modern tanks use suspension.


hmm your tanks are looking GOOD! I’m trying to make one which uses treads but no luck so far.

release map please

aw, rly, idk why i just said the other way, sorry about that


i tried threads so far, the problem is, when i unfreeze them all, i crashed D: