Simple test of editing and posing.

It sucks probably. I dunno. Mainly look at my blood editing.

Basically, “something” is jumping at those poor guys.

The blood looks ‘carved’.

It was just a basic test of how I can edit.

And wich is why I said the blood looks carved, so you can learn from your mistakes.
Also, the NSF dont hold guns like that.

I don’t play NeoTokyo :stuck_out_tongue: And this is my first blood edit, so what do you mean by “carved”?

The edges make it look like its a part of the wall.

Ah, I see. Thanks anyway.

No problem.
Haha, Ive had every second post in this thread by far.
But the two below users will probably break my combo.

alien blood be meltin’ my walls

Alien blood is green :eng101:

but human blood is red. lol just wanted to make a stupid joke apparently it didn’t fly

I tought jokes are funny?