Simple tree request (For NMRIH)

Some people may already know that Im working on an official map for No More Room in Hell called Surburbia. It is a low-to-mid income section of a town after the apocalypse. Currently I am using few Left 4 Dead 1 foliage assets (A few trees and some hedge models) and I cant release the map as our own until I can do without or replace the models. Personally I find the models add much to the mood.

Im here to request some simple remakes of the original models, hopefully to the same detail as them. Ill post some pictures of the models that I need remade if I get any one interested. Thanks in advance!
Here are some pictures of it currently with the Left 4 Dead foliage that needs to be replaced.[/t]

I might do this, talk to me on Steam.


If someone has 3ds Max and a non pirated version of ONYXgarden im sure they could do this in a jiffy.