Simple User Guide for Rust

Hey Guys, this is just a stand-in topic before we get any kind of how-to manual put up.

A few things people should know about :

At night it gets cold, stay warm by either making a campfire, or putting on some clothes

If your rad level goes above 500 you will have radiation poisoning, you will be unable to heal and will take damage until all the rads are metabolised

Your food level decreases based on how much you move around and if your body is healing itself, Being cold also uses up alot more food. Once you are hungry you will begin taking damage

Crafting Window
You can craft items by selecting them in the crafting window, as long as you have the required ingredients you can create it; You can learn to craft new items by studying blueprints

Trading/Dropping items
You can drop items into the world by simply dragging the item onto your view of the world

You can gather things with the hatchet. If you kill an animal, use it on it to get meat and cloth. Some rocks also give you Ores which you can put into a campfire to extract components from (Metal, Sulfur )

Research Kit
Drag this onto any other item to learn how to create it. Requires 1 Paper per use

Study this via right click to learn how to create this item

Item Mods
Drag these onto an item to apply the modification, the item must have atleast one free slot to receive an item mod (Laser sight, Flashlight, Holo sight, Silencer (unused) )

Supplies will dwindle fast, loot everything you can and don’t forget to loot zombies when you kill them, some items are only found by killing zombies, or in specific types of crates.

Red Crate
Medical supplies, flares, and blueprints
Yellow Crate
Ammo, Item mods
Green Crate
Weapons, Weapon Mods, Ammo
Wood Boxes
Mostly junk, limited ammo, flares, rare chance for armor
Zombie Loot Sacks
Weapon parts, blueprints, medical supplies, armor parts, item mods, basically a small chance for everything

Getting stuck
Right now it is possible to fall off the edge of the map, or get stuck in a tight place and your character can’t move, if this happens all you have to do is type /do unstick in the chat window and your character will have it’s position reset to a random spawn point

Choppy objects
Rarely, the client clock can get unsynchronized from the server, if you notice players or zombies teleporting a foot or more instead of walking type /do reclock in the chat window and after a few seconds things should return to normal. Please note this is temporary and will be detected and automated in the near future.

Input delay
A few users have reported a visual delay between moving their mouse and their view updating. Please visit and download the latest version.

Framerate Issues
Go into the options menu and toggle fullscreen, WARNING sometimes this can lock up your computer, we’re looking into it, we think its a problem with the unity webplayer build
Alternatively you can toggle things on/off in the options menu or just press / and * on the numpad to decrease/increase graphical settings
If you have the Unity Editor installed, it helps to download the end user version of their webplayer plugin, the development one runs much slower

Thanks for this, I was wondering what the Research & Recycle kits were for.

Thank you, I didn’t know the colors of the crate ment something!

I don’t understand this:

part though.

It means when the item is created, there is a 25% chance it will have no slots for modifications (the little white squares) and a 75% chance it will roll for 1 to 5 of them

A few updates to the guide

and BAM, nice to knwo crates have significants. kinda thought they did but wasnt sure what crate color meant what. helpful.

Quick question - how does one create stashes? Is it a recipe you eventually loot off a zombie and I’m just unlucky as hell, or is there something special that needs to be done?

find a stash item, put it and a research kit in a workbench. it will make you a blueprint.

or if you have a Blueprint. right click it in your inventory click info and tada there it shows you the materials and there amounts needed to craft the item.

so I closed the crafting section of my inventory and can’t open it. how undo?

Updated the user guide to reflect the recent changes in the game

I want to know this also, it seems to be irreversible other than exiting and coming back

seems to be a Firefox specific problem

the UI just doesn’t exist in Firefox, or at least the full window doesn’t work for me. Chrome is fine though.

How do I turn part snapping back on? I disabled it somehow.

Going into fullscreen and then back to smallscreen fixes the UI problem for me.

I can’t even access the menu, I pressed ESC and even / * but no success.

What do you mean with item mods?

Gun attachments.

but I think gun attachments are these

So I have the latest version of Unity Web Player and I still get insane fps lag so I have to play on lowest everything and lowest resolution when similar games like BeGone have no problem and I’m playing on highest.

Begone is a WAY more simple game than Rust.

Is there any way to play this with dual monitors in fullscreen, Without the mouse cursor unlocking from the center.