Simple vehicle request

could any of you make a 96 impala ss model for gmod? i have a few guest passes, not much, but i would really like one, since i have NO EXPERIENCE in lua coding, or modeling for that matter!
a few pictures

EDIT: If anyone could send me to a modeling and lua coding tutorial, i’d be happy as a pig in crap!

Awesome first post, And isn’t the game from your avatar from, what, 1995?

Maybe supply us with some pictures of the car, and maybe other info such as how much seats?

yes, the game is midtown madness2, buts i think its fun, and the car has 4 seats, i’ll upload a few pics after this reply

I think there is a car, in SCars, which looks like this one? Also has 4 seats if I’m right.

negatory, that is a 60’s impala

I didn’t say anything D: Sshhhht