Simple version check for devs!

I’m releasing my version check (with directions to setup) here so developers can use it to notify their customers/users they have a new version!

What do you need:
Just a github account (you should use this with github addons… its easier)

How do i set it up?
Check the readme on the github!

How does it notify?
Server side:

Client side:
To admins:

In admins console:


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Just made this a little better now you type “youraddonid_version” and you can see the current version of your addon AND see the update!

Check it out!

So are we not supposed to edit the lines with – DO NOT EDIT THIS or ?

You haven’t learned anything from your last addon, which is pretty disappointing tbh.

So this its for the after you put this in your addin so the users don’t edit it

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What ya mean

Probably has something to do with how a client could spam the command to fetch the data from the url.

Also why do you need to do so many checks to see if the server is running an outdated script?

whats the worst that could happen from that…?

Also the dev can simply change that i just made it notify alot…