Simple video tutorials #1

I noticed many garrysmod video tutorials on youtube are very hard to follow along with some offering almost no text on screen but rather just watch and try and follow. So I made these tutorials to help get people started with the tools, by making 3 contraptions.

Simple Catapult:

8 steps to making the catapult

  1. Get a suitable prop to use as your catapult.
  2. Get a suitable prop as your catapult holder.
  3. Weld the two props together.
  4. Use the ball and socket tool on the end of your catapult and then the ground.
  5. Set your catapult at around a 90 degree angle.
  6. Use the rope tool to attach your catapult to the ground;Make sure ‘Add Length’ is set to 0
  7. Set as many thrustes to your catapult as you want/need
  8. Test it to make sure everything works correctly

Prop to vehicle


8 steps to making the vehicle
1.Spawn a vehicle. I used the jeep
2.Spawn a prop I used a prop bicycle
3.Use the nocollide tool and the bicycle and then the jeep
4.Move the bicycle into postion inside of the jeep
5.Weld the bicycle to the jeep
6.Set all options on the colour tool to 0
7.Now colour the jeep
8.Test it to make sure everything is working

Simple Cannon


6 steps to making the cannon

  1. Spawn a prop door and set it at a suitable angle.
  2. Weld the prop door to the ground.
    3.Spawn a prop bin.
    4.Weld the prop bin the the prop door.
    5.Spawn and place a dynamite at the end of the prop bin.(Make sure damage is set to full.)
    6.Place a prop to be used as a cannon ball inside the bin, then test the cannon.

note: Please remember these tutorials are for beginners, and I hope there helpful.

More tutorials to come.

videos are dumb and are so goddamn '06 and wrong section

I appreciate your effort, but this is simply the wrong section.
We’ve got enough and better tutorials.

I dont understand what you mean by '06 you mean they look like there from 2006?
And to what section should this be in?


no, everyone made catapults and cars and what ever else you made here back when gmod was released… its old and everyone knows how to make one

read the post.