Simple way to prevent griefing.

Add a new building item: A front door.

Placing a front door on a foundation disallows attaching items that could be used for griefing. You’d be able to place railings, foundation steps, pillars and ceilings, but would disallow building griefing items like half blocks, walls etc.

A front door used in conjunction with the tool cupboard would still allow people to take over your house should they break in and find the cupboard, but would make it more costly to grief your house.

Sure, they could blow down your front door using c-4, but the front door would be reinforced making it expensive to actually blow down. The front door upgrades along with your house just like the standard interior doors, but the front door has an added strength buff.

A front door could be a complete alternative the the tool cupboard as well. It could have a similar principle as the cupboard; whoever builds it and enters the door code has demolishing privileges, but there would be no “building blocked” area. Anyone can build next to or onto your base like in legacy, but the person that owns the front door can easily demolish anything added by other players. Only 1 front door can be placed on any attached foundation.

To take over someone’s building, you’d have to destroy their front door otherwise the current owner would still retain demolishing privileges.

  1. Breaks front door.
  2. Places half blocks in airlock.
  3. Griefing achieved.

the only way to avoid griefing is to have active admins and clear rules.

the reality is that on a friendly server killing a player may be seen as griefing, and on a hardcore server anything be fair game.

“Sure, they could blow down your front door using c-4, but the front door would be reinforced making it expensive to actually blow down”


"The front door upgrades along with your house just like the standard interior doors, but the front door has an added strength buff. "

TRY to comprehend all points made before replying. So, back to my point in the original post which you clearly glossed over or failed to comprehend…

The front door is a higher tier than the standard door (as previously stated). It’s much stronger than a wall. (Now here comes the logic part which you clearly didn’t entertain) Are you going to hack at a highly buffed door compared to a much weaker wall? That would be a stupid use of your time. Are you going to use a small amount of c4 on a wall to break in, or would you use a shit ton of c4 to take down the front door? That’d be a stupid use of resources.

Now say the raider finds the tool cupboard and activate it for himself. The house isn’t truly his until he blows down the buffed front door. This makes it so if people TRULY want to take over your house, they must also blow down the front door or the original builder would still have access to the front door allowing them access to the weaker internal parts of the building.

This simple idea makes it much more resource intensive to grief someone…so much so that most people would choose not to use a huge amount of resources to simply grief someone.

What a silly idea.

if someone wants to fuck with you, your door could have 1hp or 100,000,000hp and they would still take the time and resources to break it JUST TO FUCK WITH YOU.

as said, we don’t need “anti greif” protocols; we need active admins and a clear understanding of what is AND IS NOT griefing.

May I ask what is wrong with just having a few well located tool cupboards? If you place your tool cupboards effectively, there is no chance of anyone griefing you anyway.

So someone raids you and activates your cupboard, currently they simply place a cheap wooden half block in your entrance.

With a front door, they must use (arbitrary number) 10 c4 to blow it down in order to grief your building.

If you don’t think that will deter some, if not the vast majority of people, you are delusional.

It’s highly unrealistic to have all servers populated by round-the clock admins, so yes, anti grief protocols are absolutely necessary.

Again - what if you simply have multiple tool cupboards?

That would definitely help in a large base, but small bases not so much.

Also, I remember when people would have 1x1 buildings on pillars with cupboards inside surrounding their buildings. It was an eyesore.

Is it not true that TC’s no longer affect areas underneath them anymore? That would render 1x1’s on pillars useless.

you play rust yeah? you have met some of the vindictive, malign pricks that play rust just to “rekt” other peoples gaming experience? and you think that making tougher doors with building rights will prevent people from using 10 c4 to fuck with people?

i have seen people reduce large buildings to nothing with c4 and rockets because they could. i have seen people build armoured boxes around peoples bases. i have seen gangs of nakeds running around the spawn site killing any living newspawn they can find for their rock.

and you think** i** am delusional…

A simple way to prevent griefing, would be to make the TC code lockable and also need the primary authorized user have to assign privilege like how sleeping bags are assigned. And only the primary could create a new TC if the original was destroyed.

It’s always best to avoid solutions that only solve 1 problem and are this specific. The tool cupboard is a terrible temporary fix to a long term problem but yours is even worse.

If someone makes it to your cupboard, then they deserve to have free reign of your base because either a) you built poorly and should hopefully learn your lesson for next time or b) you built well and they expended great effort/resources to reach your cabinet or c) your base is too small to effectively protect a cupboard, which is a price you reasonably pay for the benefits of a small base.

In any event, the outcome is valid.

This topic has been discussed recently at great length here.

To add another point, if the front door was buffed, people would just make all of their outside walls front doors that lead to another door that lead to walls. Terrible ideas have terrible outcomes…

In OP: “Only 1 front door can be placed on any attached foundation.”

This is why it’s a bad idea. When you have to come up with little micro fixes for your intended fix than you’re not really fixing anything, you’re just displacing the problem to something else.

GG Multiple entrances defeated

That’s one reason why I build my bases out of triangle foundations.