Simple web and/or global bans: would you use this?

Had an idea for a quick system which would allow, in effect, anyone to have a web-manageable banning system, along with bans that apply across multiple servers (under their control), without knowing one line of lua.
All the server owner would have to do is register on the website, add a server (e.g. just give it a name), download an autogenerated .zip file, put it in their addons, and bam, done. No DLLs to upload, nothing to configure.
Once this was done, most in-game admin mod’s ban commands would be intercepted, and instead of that user receiving a traditional ban (and just on that server), the ban would be added to the web bans list, allowing it to apply across multiple servers (as configured) and be easily changed from a web interface along with being publicly viewable from a customizable web ban list. Support for multiple admins, etc, would be possible too.

So the question is: Would you use it?

The reason why I’m doing this is just to prevent me wasting my time making a service no one will use. So if you would use it on your server(s?), please say so!

I’d create my own server, install your software, and proceed to ban every player that is currently playing Garry’s Mod from my server, and every server in the world!

I’d like to point out early on, that, this IS NOT A TRUE GLOBAL BANNING SYSTEM. Your bans apply to ONLY your own servers, NO ONE ELSE’S

Maybe but I personally would rather host my own databases.

…requires you to [know how to] set up some web stuff, and have a mysql server, and do some manual configuration. What I’m proposing would require the server admin using it to have no real technical knowledge, all they would have to do is put the supplied folder into their server’s addons/ folder.

Could be interesting… Go on.

So basically this would cut out the effort of hosting your own MySQL database and just use one that the website hosts? Could work.

So your saying hosting a website where people could enter their server info, their server RCON, and it reads and updates the bans and interacts with the lua?

This can very well be done but it would require extensive PHP knowledge and work.

And if done correctly It could possibly be used by many!


Started working on this a few days ago, about 1/2 done.

The dashboard:

Ban Editing: (some formatting issues to work out here)

…and behind the scenes, the addon for the server is complete, with ASSMod integration (NewAdmin coming soon, any others?).
Still working on subusers (allow subadmins of your server certain permissions to add/edit/lift bans online), custom formatting on public ban pages (add your own logo etc), and a few other minor web interface items. Release is on hold till I find a capable host.

If anyone has any questions etc, please post.

Edit: Those are just screenshots of parts of pages, not the entire page, obviously.

Something that sourcebans did.

Custom ban message. Instead of kicked/banned - by console, can show the URL of your site for a ban appeal.

I would think that requires a module, but hey, if you added that as an optional feature… :3 .

He has it in I believe, however without a dll, it’s not possible to get it, as it’s designed to be an easy system.

You can do it by using banid then kickid in that order.


I’m saying like when a player that’s banned connects, they get the URL message.

OP: You will have to be careful though. Since you would be giving out mysql details to everyone who registered.

Be carefull when you are ‘integrating’ it with admin mods. If you happen to do it wrong by not understanding the writer’s code, you might end up fucking it up. For example, if you overwrote my admin mod’s ban command, it would no longer do the proper admin check or log it.

Probably the same with other admin mods.

I’m sure he knows that he’s doing

Cpf more than knows what he’s doing.

As of now, I won’t be adding any sort of ban appeal facility directly through the site, however there is a field to enter a URL (to your own forums, say) that will be given in the kick message.

Kick messages are simple, I’m asking for something that shows up as the disconnect message when a banned player tries to re-join.