Simple yet ennoying problem.

Yes I have an annoying problem when I play LAN with my buddy’s on Garry’s Mod. The problem is we like to have death matches for fun but for some reason by default its set so there is a green arrow above other players that you can see through walls and anywhere. Is there anyway to get rid of this green arrow so we can fight each other without knowing automatically where each other is. It really ruins the fun when you cant be sneaky.

P.S. It’s been about a year since I played this I just re downloaded it so don’t go all “Mingebag” on me if its ridiculously easy to fix…

Just un-install the hack you have enabled and it should be fine.

You have a lua wallhack/aimbot :colbert:

You guys must be retarded to automatically assume I have hacks. I do NOT have hacks. But I do have an administrative program called Evolve. Keep in mind this is a LAN game as well. Its not a wall hack or anything like that I really do not know whats causing it but I can post a screenshot.

Don’t insult the people that are trying to help you. And if I’m correct, hacks are allowed. Well, the lua one’s i think.

Screenshot of it: