Simple Zombie Panic! Source Survivor 1 NPC.

Before you go all like “LOL WAREZ U R DA STYUPID”,Zombie Panic! IS a free HL2 Mod.

Yesterday messing about with model manipulator & ZPS models,I found out that the zombie models animation’s work with garrysmod.Yey for me.
Then,I tried it with the survivors.
T-animations sadly.Then I tested it out with a NPC.

First,it needs to have the male gender,else his weapon will be all fucked over.
I want him to have the real ZPS sounds.Whenever he dies,I want him to vocalize an death sound from ZPS,whenever he kills,I want him to play the taunt he causes whenever he kills a normal zombie in ZPS.
and I want him to talk shit whenever you press E on him (Angry sounds,etc)
If possible,I want him to run away from enemies playing the vocalize Run away or something.
Whenever he spots an enemy,he plays one of the “shoot them” vocalizes.

It would be very nice.
All that I need is an male citizen with an survivor1 model that plays sounds.