SimpleHUD V2

There are ± 1000 people that know about “SimpleHUD (V1)”
I made it 2 years ago. People kinda liked it.
I promised a V2. I did not make it!

Now 2 years later I made it! Yay!

Do whatever you want with it as long as you don’t say that you made it.
Pictures work now, but they’re huge and take up a lot of space, so I just linked them instead.

Btw: I know the speed meters keep messing up! I don’t know why D:! seems to be down. Whenever there are problems with the link up there, download it from:


It took you two years to make a HUD that still messes up?


Not quite, more like, it took me 2 days to make a HUD just as a personal project because I wanted to, and because some people liked my old HUD I decided I might aswell just release it.

Not to mention that it’s my third lua creation.

Why is this called SimpleHUD? Isn’t the default HUD simple enough?

any pictures?

Yes, on the page I linked to

Well, because my old HUD was called that.
It’s still a pretty simple HUD though.

it doesnt work for me
same hud, didnt change

Are you sure you installed it correctly? You’re supposed to unzip the file into your steam/steamapps/[username]/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons folder.

i did it on a server

Make a serverside init file in the addon and have it AddCSLuaFile the clientside file then.