SimpleLoader: The simplest loader you have ever seen

Ladies and Gentlemen is it My Pleasure to bring You the Best Loading Screen the Gmod Community may ever See
It is the Simplest of the simple; and it will bring You and your Server Great joy.

It’s Called SimpleLoader

What it Can do:
[table=“width: 500”]

display steamID of a player

Map name
display map name of a player

Show the server rules (easy To Configure)

Has a server tagline on It

Cool music
file Has to Be named ass.ogg


Here is a link to the GitHub Repository:
Here is a live demo:

Damn this is the best loading screen I’ve seen so far, you probably could of put it on ScriptFodder for like $20!


I still say Shit Load is better.

Nuh Uh


I just got a heart attack!!!

Never click this shit if you have full volume and don’t see music coming… :open_mouth: