SimpleSpace: An efficient and simple Spacebuild implementation

Adds the gravity mechanics of Spacebuild ( No gravity on space ), in a network and CPU efficient manner. It automatically runs if you are on a Spacebuild enabled map, does not collide with other addons, and can be embedded with other gamemodes ( If you wanna do space roleplay, just throw this addon in your server, run your favorite roleplay base, and you’re set. )

You are allowed to put SimpleSpace on your gamemodes, give credits as due though.

Release History

02/04/10 - 1.1 -Fixed noclip not being disabled if you flew on space with it on. Added SB3 environments, and cube based environments.

0/03/10 - 1.0 - Initial release.

Console Commands:

ToggleSimpleSpace - Turns SimpleSpace on and off
ToggleSpaceNoclip - Is noclip while on space allowed?
ToggleAdminNoclip - Only admins can noclip while in space.
TogglePlayerGravity - Should the gravity system affect players?

I am a bit confused. Indeed, the vast cutdown on math sounds like quite a good thing, but these two passages above seem to rather contradict each other. Does this addon reduce the number of required systems to get into and survive in space, or does it just simply reduce the amount of lag caused by using them?

In other words, are we still going to spend hours wiring up our contraption with complex life support systems (albeit without the lag they sometimes cause) or does this allow you to play Spacebuild with a set of a few simple entities, rather than the RD and LS colossus?

you wrote “moclip” by the way…

So do you need to connect oxygen and other things?


Tested in single player . So its only a zero gravitation in open space . Thats great , but if you toggle noclip on the planet and fly away it will work .And if you try to turn it in space it doesnt

I still don’t understand what this does after reading.

So this decreases lag in spacebuild maps? Does this change anything with the resources at all? The description was kind of confusing.

zero gravity, nothing more

So does this fix contraptions being spazzy in space? I’m gonna download this and try it for myself.

  1. SB is an addon for a while now (not a gamemode anymore)
  2. Life Support isn’t required (why do people keep thinking it is?)
  3. SB supports more then just Sphericial environments (support was added to add your own custom checks in custom environment types, supports envirnments in environments, …)
  4. Has all those options and more

This man/men has a point.
Before you reach the same level of functionality, nobody’s going to switch. It will work for most SB maps, granted, but I don’t think people will begin to substitute. If you enable mappers to do what’s in point 3, with the same simple style you’ve got going here (near-Lua-illiterate here, but I actually understood all of it), THEN it will definitely take over.

Sorry, I wrote the OP at 3 in the morning, so bear with me here.

Yes, all this does is remove gravity when you’re in space. But the selling point is that SimpleSpace does this in a way more efficient way than regular Spacebuild, it is also totally standalone and generic, so it can be embedded with other gamemodes, with relative ease.

However, I plan to make more features for this, including a simpler and streamlined life support system, probably something for propulsion, and whatever else I think up. But I’d like to emphasize that this is not meant to compete with Spacebuild, it’s just a different take.

Version 1.1

-Fixed noclip not being disabled if you flew on space with it on.
-Added SB3 environments, and cube based environments.

( Crap, whatever happened to automerge? )

Why don’t you just use an SVN at Google Code?

SVN for a project as small as this? Not yet. Probably once I finish SimpleSupport.

You can use the svn for all your projects. Just put them in subfolders.

I know, I just don’t see the point of using SVN, this is my current active project, and I’m probably updating it about 3 or 4 times more if I don’t release SimpleSupport first.

Woah, that was quick. I will be watching this with interest…

Yep, the system is very neatly designed, this was merely adding around 10 lines.

I’d like some suggestions though, I’m running out of ideas.

[lua]if UseSimpleSpace then
UseSimpleSpace = false
UseSimpleSpace = true

These should be cut down to [lua]UseSimpleSpace = !UseSimpleSpace[/lua]

What about gravitational anomalies?