SimpleVote - A simple TTT vote addon

SimpleVote - A simple TTT vote addon

What is SimpleVote?

SimpleVote is a simple voting system I made for TTT, it features only what you need to vote, a simple menu with a list of the avaible maps, you only need to click on one of the names and you’re done.

How to install it?

Just extract the zip file into your server’s addon folder and restart the server.

WARNING: I haven't got the chance to test it on a real TTT server, incase you find any bugs, please post them here and I'll fix them as soon as possible.

This is my first release so I’m not exactly sure if this will always work.


08/09/2010 - 1.0.0 - Inital release
09/09/2010 - 1.0.5 - Added CVars, fixed some code stuff, added readme
10/09/2010 - 1.0.6 - Added multiple prefix check, fixed vote menu totally not appearing and vote not starting
14/09/2010 - 1.1.0 - Added logging, added real-time vote count for the menu, fixed alot of bugs and improved some workings of the votesystem


Awesome! Any Cvars we need to make sure of on the server, so it doesn’t use the mapcycle?

No that I’m aware of, I just checked the ttt readme file, to remove the mapcycle just remove the mapcycle.txt file and you should be done


Ah yeah, when I posted my GMod was still updating, though there’s not much to show other then a pretty ugly menu anyway

OP updated with pictures and addon updated slightly

That’s a really dull menu, try to make it more like the Fretta vote one.

I’m not going to change the menu, I know it looks dull, but I seriously suck at making VGUIs, anyway I’ll add a votes counter in the list so you can see how many votes that map got.

Updated to 1.0.6, fixed critical bug that made vote not starting

Made vote count yet?

I’m going to do it for v1.1, along with a logging system, to see what maps are played the most and other stuff, currently I’ve been working to other stuff though

v1.1 aka FINAL VERSION will be released today (being at office atm) including features like
[li]Logging system
[/li][li]Real-Time vote count (can be seen in the votemenu)
[/li][li]Free of bug version (had the chance to test it on a TTT server)
[/li][li]Other features for better voting(Can’t vote if there are only a few players)


Delayed the release because it is raining like shit, Can’t go back home until it stops

Updated to v1.1.0 see OP for changes

Got a new screenshot?

I’ll do it in a min

OP updated with picture

That’s a lot better, is there no button to Vote though? Is it just double click?

Yes, you just double click the map you want to vote for, anyway this now only haves 2 problems

  • Sometimes the usermessages for the real-time votecount takes too long to get received, tried some debugging but I couldn’t see anything wrong
  • When 2 maps or more gets the same vote amount, the winning map is the map that had the higher key value, I tried making my custom function for getting the winning map but I failed hard