Simplexity - The 'unique' loading screen

Hello, everyone!

Today I’m here to introduce you Simplexity, which I’ve been working on for approximately a month or so.

Simplexity is a Garry’s Mod loading screen built with the Bootstrap framework. Thanks to this framework, Simplexity is customizable down to themes and micro changes. All you have to do is use the customizer on the Bootstrap site or edit the raw CSS. We provide themes from Bootswatch, a site made for themeing Bootstrap.

Simplexity is built entirely on HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. With animations provided in Javascript and the themeing and styles from Bootstrap, this loading screen is sure to look beautiful and minimalistic.

The goal for Simplexity? I want to create something that everyone can contribute to, so I’m using GitHub as a distribution service. Did I mention that this is entirely free? Yes free! No money needed. (Of course I would take donations ;))

Simplexity is currently in alpha, which means things are not entirely stable or beautiful. However, I will continue to work on this project and give updates. For now, LordNature signing off ;).

Download coming soon… (Have to package and get stable. I just wanted to see everyone’s input.)
GitHub Link:

Preview (the octagon in the image is not intentional it is caused by the image itself):

Post Script ~ Credit to Bytewave for proofreading.

That’ gorgeous.

Almost as sexy as crazyscouter.

The only bad thing youve did is (i am certain you can change it though) the purple background, it destroys everything. Would it be cloudy white this loadingscreen would orgasm me right on the place

Well, it’s mostly temporary. That’s a preview screenshot if anything.

It is color changing as of right now. It can change between 5 colors of your choosing as of 2/11/15. I have yet to change it, but the following week I will have 3 days off from high school, so it allows me time to work on this :).