Sims 3: Assorted house props

I ported and fixed up some random sims 3 household items for mappers/scenebuilders etc.

[sp]“look at those fuckin’ chiseled abs…”[/sp]



list includes:

- leather sofa
- fancy brown leather sofa
- queen size bed
- single wooden bed
- dining table
- dining chair
- modern shelf
- fancy desk
- sim statue
- poverty status television (can provide PSD for reskinning)
- random poster (can provide PSD for reskinning)
- hamburger + plate
- tall house lamp
- emtpy guitar case with change in it (hobo lyfe)
- muthafukin' playset

*workshop: *

Everything will come in mighty handy! Very good work Cheesy!

Also, I’ve seen the movie, but it never clicked that those stupid “Obey” hats take that from They Live Im such an idiot

Fuck GameFront, but excellent release, this will come handly

Awesome release, and i like the last photo

Amazing release! wish it comes with more props though.
How did you extract Sims 3 props BTW?

Very useful, thanks for releasing these.

Heads-up: Your stand-alone release expects an extra “models” folder in the path, so you end up having to put the model files in models/models/sims3props. The zip obviously isn’t set up for this.

Like that stuff. Everything will be handy. Many thanks.

i get the models via TSR workshop, its great but its pretty limited (expansion wise).

Oh man, I wanna try to port Sims 3 models to Gmod.

Excelents Models