Sims to Gmod Small Neighborhood Collaboration

Post anything (any kind of building any size) from any sims game. I’ll remake it in hammer and create a small sims neighborhood.
You can submit the file of the lot but it must be for the sims 3 without any expansions.

Or you can submit a top down picture of the interior and all floors with the grid on like this.
And pictures of the front, back, sides, backyard or anything else with the grid on.
The bigger the pictures the better. You can pm me pictures if you prefer.[/t]

I will use textures from the sims 2 texture pack and whatever else fits.
For models I will use whatever furniture downloads I find and try to avoid the old, hl2, css props.

If you’re a mapper you can submit a vmf if you want whether you play the sims or not but, sims stuff would be better.
Once I get more submissions I can start planning the layout and will close submissions.

I’ll add anything else you want to your submission: Custom music, textures, an npc doing something, anything you can think of.

1 out of 2 submissions finished. Finished ones can still be edited.

FunnyStarRunner’s house
Side, Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Backyard, Back

eligrand1’s house (Building)

I don’t play the Sims. Mostly because they have like 1000’s of dlc costing about 20 bucks a piece.

This is a cool idea, I love collab projects like this! I might submit something for this if I find spare time, but don’t quote me on that lol.

I don’t have the Sims 3, but I have the Sims 2 and 1 (master collection)

Will that work?


How long will you be doing this, cause I wanna join in!

As long as it takes to get enough submissions.

I’ll try to send one in tomorrow, thanks mate.

I’m liking this idea. Can you work with this?:

The roof is a brown color.

Yes. You need to the grid on though. And pictures of the exteriors with the grid on too.

I might do it, will you do multi-floor houses?

I have or atleast had all the expansions for The Sims 2. Countless of hours wasted on it. I have no idea if it still works after I reinstalled windows, but we will see.

Ya. Multifloor houses are fine.

So I guess I have to download the house and take a screenshot myself then.

Back in a moment.

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Should I change or add anything?
They’re your maps so, I’ll add anything you want.
An npc performing an animation, a custom doorbell song, something that happens if you use the mailbox, a burning stove, whatever.
I think it would be cool if there were custom personal things like that added.

I’ll fix the texture problem for the fences and get a telescope model.
Wasn’t sure if I used the right wall textures inside. I’m using env_skypaint and it’s pretty gray right now too.
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Oooh, it’s a pretty house.

Well, since this is based on a Sims game, a doorbell would be a nice touch.

This is neat.

If I make a house myself, can I send you the VMF?

I’d like this, that’d make this an actual effort-collaboration instead of just people giving you photos, Facepunch Sims Neighborhood


Needs trims and roof overhangs.

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