Simulation of Africa???

Within the past 2 hours or so animals and resources decided to just stop spawning. Anyone else who has been online can say the same. Im not complaining just letting you admins know, that is, if you even read these…

they are aware… and last time i checked Africa doesn’t have a problem with animals and structures vanishing into thin air.

That’s because most people vanish as well so not many are aware of the issue. It’s actually starting to become quite the problem and experts can’t seem to pinpoint the cause.

Simulation of Somalia would have been a title.

I blame aids.

Yes. Pine trees. White naked men running around with hatchets. Zombies.

That is def Africa right there buddy.

lol why is everyone hating on me? i said africa because there was no food -.-

More like a British nudist beach.

Food shortage, naked cave men, limited resources… yeah it’s bordering on a sim. :v:

Requires more black people. Wait… Isn’t this just black AIDS infected people against white, naked cavemen?

or more search of the game zone not just a bug xD