Simulation Opfor scour a hallway for infiltrators(AKA another Generic Pose)


So it’s generic. Sue me.

C&C etc.

Well… uh… they look terrible to be honest. :-/
But the posing is good

they’re simulation opfor

what did you expect russian commandos or some shit?

Nah but the texture looks bland and the normals looks flat. But that’s still over 9000 better than what I could do.

I must agree with headshotter. The helmet on the one holding a shotgun is blocky. Great poses tho.

Taggart lost his mojo


In your avatar, when the person is running towards the monster thing, why is he having hes arms out?
Nobody runs like that : /

I’m pretty sure that’s because it’s a jpeg.

Anime, Weeaboos.

u so funny

and bodenlan what the christ does that even have to do with the pose

posing look ok, could use shading/shadowing though