Sin City Characters

Lately I have been on a Sin City kick. Without a doubt these are some of the most grittiest characters I have seen from Frank Miller. Interestingly enough they are all flawed characters with violent pasts or obsessive addictions. I have been interested in making a comic book with some of these characters (if at all possible). I’d be very excited if someone would be up for the challenge of creating the models. Marv, Dwight, Hartigan are the three characters I would love to see…Possibly they could be rendered in the black and white-esque that is Sin City? Pictures below.

Marv -
The Yellow Bastard-
Kevin -

Really no one is interested? lol…

there are any game of sin city?
i guess no so i think isn’t possible sorry dude =S

Those models are already done. Look at

I don’t see them under Could you link me them if you happen to find them though? And are you sure they were Sin City?

Yep, it’s hard to write “sin episodes” in the search gap. :expressionless:

I looked at the character listing and it doesn’t look like there are any Sin City characters in there. This looks like a random pack with a lot of things in there.

i think you just think sin city is like sin episodes but no

You right.

Yeah I was referring to the graphic novel and movie that was created by Frank Miller’s design.