SiN Episodes: Emergence Content

Hi all, I have searched SiN content conversation for GMod but didn’t found it… Only deleted add-ons, with date near 2006 year =(

I have SiN, but i don’t know how to add it to my GMod. Can anyone help me with it? Please =)

P.S.: Sorry for my bad english…

Search gm_mount on this site, download it, put it in addons and whatnot. Then launch GMod, click the cloud and check off the SiN box. X-out the cloud box thing, then exit Gmod. Launch it again and you’ll be done. NoteYou must have SiN installed and played at least once.

Installed it, but my game crashes on loading part “Starting Menu System” =(


Oh, I am installed another version of add-on, and its works now! Thank you a lot, Colossal =)

No problem. It’s a handy add-on. If you use the NPC spawner things on some of the arena maps, it’s a fun player-versus-NPC war. Especially since they move around the map so well. And with the [somewhat] dynamic AI on the engine, they take cover and stuff. Really fun. :slight_smile: