SiN Episodes model edit request.

A simple enough request.



With the rigging of



To allow for it to be used as a helicopter alternative.

Sadly I can offer no recompense at this time.

Quick nudge because I require it for a single player campaign.

This could be kinda interesting.
Just an FYI though, proper bumping technique:
Bump after 4 days. Not 1.

FYI SiN Episodes is dead. Any attempt at giving it some life is worth bumping.

I can maybe give it a try, but I sadly do not have SiN Episodes and I’m not sure, if I will buy it, since it is dead by now.

It’s actually pretty decent. Far worse games have gotten sequels. Some of the ideas are actually pretty good: fighting the jetpack troopers was fun, and there were some pretty good bosses and set pieces. Sure, the story was bad, but it was “funny bad”, not “horrible bad”.

Why they dragged the team off to make casual games is beyond me.

Well the story isn’t that bad. You’re chasing radek to try and find out what you were injected with.

It’s just you have a complete idiot (jessica) who gets you into shit.