Sin Sweps Reborn

Brand new, and reborn from the ashes, These new ones have all the awesomeness that sin has and maybe a little more :P.

If you cant be bothered to read and want the download now then here ya go But maybe you should read the changelog…

I would seriouslly recommend downloading 16.2 or above if your of a lower version. check the changelog.

:siren:Box.Net Mirror Version 16.4::siren:

Screen Shots:

The New Data-Point:

A Full Anti-Gen Dispenser:
A Half Empty Anti-Gen Dispenser:
An Empty Anti-Gen Dispenser:

The Magnum:
D-Uag Shot:
Magnum Ironsights:
Magnum Melee:

The Scattergun:
Scattergun Flak:
Scattergun Ironsights:
Scattergun Melee:

The Assault Rifle:
Assault Rifle Grenade:
Assault Rifle Melee:

New Magnum Crosshair From Sin:
New Scattergun Crosshair From Sin:
New Assault Rifle Crosshair From Sin:

Main Controls:

Use + Primary = Melee
Use + Secondary = Alt Fire
Use + Reload = Grenade
Primary = Fire
Secondary = Sin irosnights
Reload = Reload
:siren:New:siren: Walk + Sprint = Switch Hands

PS: Im Working on dual magnums yeah.


WARNING: Huge Ass Change Log Below!


New Features:

1. Totally Multiplayer compatible.
2. Alt fire on shotgun is now Bouncy flak "Very fun".
3. All sounds DONT loop twice like the old version "EG: Grenade reload sound".
4. Idle animations fixed up, including a random idle system for the magnum.
5. Fixed the grenade throwing to never be spammed in MP or SP.
6. Made the grenades Spaz out MUCH more randomly.
7. REAL Duag shot on the magnum.
8. MUCH better melee prediction, rather than it saving where you hit,
it now hits where you are aiming after the animation hits!
9. Cool crosshair... THINGY!
10. Ironsights removed due to the fact there just CRAP! "Re-Added animated ones"
11. Grenade launcher realism added. "Alt fire to shoot the grenade, Alt fire again to reload it"
12. Shotgun reload "Prediction" added, as in you can reload after you shoot,
but it pumps at the end. Otherwise if you pumped before reload, it wont have to.
13. All timers are now totally reliable.

Version 2 Changes:

1. Ammo Limits.
2. Ammo Sents.
3. Hud to say how many grenades/Alt ammo you have.
4. Scripted health entitys that you can pick up and add to your inventory.
5. use_vial in console to use the health entitys you picked up.
6. Added flak marks to walls.
7. Added bullet predictions to flak, making them more realisitic.
8. Added Sin ironsights "The animated ones from the game itself"
9. Added Zoom on the Assault rifle.
10. Added view punch to the melee like sin has.
11. Reduced velocity of Flak.
12. Added better duag prediction
14. Slow motion sounding when host_timescale is changed just like my other work.

Version 3 Changes:

1. Increased velocity of flak a little bit.
2. Reduced spread of flak.
3. Added more flak bouncyness.
4. Fixed up some small problems.
5. Added a gamemode called Sin_Campaign_SP, Using this in the half life 2
 maps will lets you play through half life 2, ep1 and ep2 with the sin sweps.
The Item crates are replaced to produce sin ammo and items,
and the weapons are replaced with sin weapons. Have fun with this.
6. Added some slight prediction changes to ironsights.
7. Added ammo names to the weapon parts.
"Pick up SMG ammo it will print Assault Rifle Ammo,
Pick up SMG1 Grenades and it will print Flak Ammo so on so forth"

Version 4 Changes:

1. Added the forgotten AddCSLua files.
2. Added the forgotten effects.
3. Added the forgotten Screen blood effects.
4. Added sbox_plpldamage check to explosives.
5. Fixed the grenade ammo check on assault rifle and magnum.
"could throw grenades while grenades where X0"
6. Added Ammo saving to the Sin Campaign SP.
7. Added Health Vial saving to the Sin Campaign SP.
8. Added new console command check_vials to check how many vials you have left.
9. Fixed up some melee predictions.
10. Added 5 more units of length to melee attacks.
11. Changed max Alt Assault ammo to 3.
12. Switched the Replace original hl2 items hook to a Think hook
to ensure it never backfires/fails.

Version 5 Changes:
1. Added F1 Use Vials and F2 Check Vial shortcuts in the Sin Gamemode.
2. Changed the ammo entities to metal not plastic.
3. Tryed to add shortcut commands, but failed misrebly since the prediction SUCKED.
4. Increased flak overall size and hit box.
5. Fixed the Sin gamemode not giving you weapons if you died and respawned.
6. Removed the Pump action needed on Secondary fire.

Version 6/Re-Fix Changes:
1. Added gun lowering when aiming at friendly NPCS and players. 
"Alyx, Eli, Mossman, Citizens so on so forth"
2. Want to kick the crap out of those people and players? turn off Lowering
by changing sbox_plpldamage to 0.
3. Added Some ammo replacements to the gamemode.
"pistol ammo replaced with the mag rounds ammo so on so forth"
4. Changed health to start regenerating Later and slower.
5. Hopefully fixed some items from the sin boxes from going in the floor.
6. Changed the max items from sin crates to 4.
7. Added more fun to flak by NOT removing it when it hits its target it just keeps on bouncing.
8. Added Non-Ammo Equipping, As in if your weapon has no ammo, you can still equip it.
Re-Fix 9. Fixed the holstering when aiming at friendlys not working due to
Re-Fix 10. Fixed some gamemode issues with replacing items.

Version 7 Fix Changes:
1. Added Sin Health Dispensers.
2. Added Sin Antigen replacement cans for dispensers.
3. Added 2 new concommands on F3 and F4 in the Sin Gamemode,
F3 Refills a dispenser if its empty if you have some spare cans,
F4 tells you how many cans you have left, and yes the amount of cans
you have save when you use/pick them up and stay with you on level changes.
3.5. "These new concommands for F3 and F4 are
"use_antigen" and "check_antigens" this is for use outside the gamemode"
4. Changed the sin crates item drops to 1-4.
5. Added Antigen cans to sin crates.
6. Sin health dispensers have a looping use sound just like the half life 2
health dispensers. Just for that added "yeaaaaaaaaaah" and replication of sin.
7. Added the blue dieing overlay when using a health item or dispenser.
8. Changed health regeneration to regenerate much slower.
9. The health left in the dispenser animates.
Fix 1. Fixed the HL2 Hud's alt ammo being shown after dieing in the gamemode.
Fix 2. Fixed the sin crates origins being off.
Fix 3. Swapped the Remove ALT HL2 hud ammo to an autorun script rather than a
gamemode script. "Ammo is never offset"
Fix 4. Added npc_magnusson to the ally list.
Fix 5. Fixed the Mis-Spelt npc_kleiner in the ally list.
Fix 6. Fixed the magnum's Fuss idle interupting melee.

Version 8 Changes:
1. Fixed being unable to spawn the Anti Gen Cans. "Cheers Matsilagi"
2. Added secondary fire animations to the magnum and scattergun.
"Where not there before since i didnt know how to get rid of the wierd shell ejection bug"
3. Added ALOT more kick to the magnums alt fire.
4. Added more kick to the shotguns alt fire.
5. Added secondary firing animations in the ironsights alt fire aswell.
6. Added special model shell ejections for the alt fires. "Flak and Duag"
7. Made melee attacks hit sooner.
8. Removed the tracer from the Duag shot, only the duag trail remains.
"no airboat gun tracer"
9. Fixed being able to pick up assault infinitavly.
"Being able to pick it up even though you have max ammo"
10. Almost trippled the duag shots damage.

Version 9 Changes:
1. Went to sin's wikipedia and found out the magnum can penetrate cover,
so i added Bullet penetration on all 3 weapons, but the magnums penetration is 2-3X better.
2. The magnums D.U.A.G Shot can go through VERY THICK WALLS
and stillkeeps majorly massive damage, keep this in mind for doors
and such, Yes these bullets go through metal.
3. Added a new convar sin_difficulty, you can choose the gamemodes
difficulty with this. 1 being easy 5 being hard. theres also a secret setting for those
who know the main character of sins name. "I like my easter-eggs me"
4. Added more lifetime to the flak.
5. Added 1 more flak shot to the flak rounds.
6. Added random drain to the health dispensers.
Fix 1. Fixed bullets bouncing off metal when it should be going through.
Fix 2. Fixed the D.U.A.G Bullet sometimes stopping once it hit a wall the second time.
Fix 3. Added half Anti-Gen cans to crates.
Fix 4. Half cans give you 0.5 cans so you need 2 halfs to make a full

Version 9.1 Changes:
1. Made health and grenade drops from boxes rarer.
2. Added the flak ammo drop the crates. "i forgot to add them :P"

Version 10 Changes:
1. Made all the items not collide with players or npcs and are still able to be picked up.
"Fixes getting stuck in vents with items in them"
2. Added the D.U.A.G shot item replacement for Ar2 Alt items.
3. Added Canister eject effect for the dispenser.

Version 10.5 Changes:
1. Added some new green injections that let you slow down time.
"Make sure to set sv_cheats to 1"
2. F2 is no longer check vials, F4 is no longer check antigens.
3. F2 is nothing, F3 is still insert anti gen, F4 is use N-OZ injection.
4. Relayed the hud out a bit so it shows you all of your stats and items.
5. Mixed up the sin crate drops a little bit.
6. Added a screen overlay for injections.
7. Added impact sounds for items.

Version 11 Changes:
1. Fixed the Slow motion N-OZ overlay having WAY TO MUCH blindness effect.
2. Fixed the slow motion N-OZ going wierd when playing with friends.
"i say friends because i dont think you would play with Sv_cheats 1 with strangers"
3. Added some slight hud changes.
4. Added 1.5 seconds of flak life time.
5. Added 1 more flak per shot.
6. Added damage on touch ASWELL as bullet hits for blood effects.

Version 12 Changes:
Only 1 this time, and its...
1. Changed the crosshairs to the REAL crosshairs from the actual game itself.
Fix 1. Fixed the grenades mass being to heavy to throw.
Fix 2. Increased regen time when in N-OZ.

Version 12.1 Changes:
1. Added blue smoke to the dispenser for added effect.
2. Fixed the assault rifle RAPID melee glitch.
3. Made grenades a tad more deadly.
4. Added fire to the grenades explosion.
5. Changed the grenade explosion effect from Helicopterbomb to Explosion.
6. Made the duag shot trail look more "In-Tune" and not seperated.
7. Added N-OZ inventory saving on use.

Version 12.2 Changes:
1. Fixed the RPG and Explosions not damaging big targets like dropships and gunships on sin_difficulty 3 or above.
2. Changed the AR grenades to Explosion effect.
3. Reduced the mass of the grenade from 5 to 4.4.
3.5 Can throw grenades further.
4. Fixed the duag shot trail sometimes bouncing off walls.
5. Fixed the dispenser smoke going Side ways of the dispenser itself.
6. Fixed the magnums Fuss idle animation interupting ironsights.
7. Added 0.2 less seconds of time to regen.
8. Added the missing npc_strider to the ignore difficulty list.

Version 12.3 Changes:
1. Remove 0.07 delay on the magnums primary fire.
2. Upped the max Assault rifle ammo to 180.
3. Made the assault rifle clip hold 40 bullets instead of 30
4. Added +2 Dmg to the assault rifle.
5. Fixed dispenser smoke not appearing for the person using it in MP.
6. Lowered the dispensers auto spawn a little.
7. Added item_ammo_pistol_large for the mag replacements.
8. Reduced the green overlay more to reduce blindness.
9. Added walking to ironsights "Just movement code so you can still walk while not aiming"
10. Added moving back = slower than forward.

Version 13 Changes:
1. Fixed the wacked up magnum fire rate.
2. Added a new data-point entity that spawns next to suit chargers.
3. The data-point entitys, When used, allow you to save your noz count, ammo count, grenades and cash, It also lets you purchase ammo and things along those lines.
4. Im going to be updating this with health vials and anti gen cans purchasable but its 1 in the morning, so i will do that tommorow.
5. Changed auto save data from 15 to 30 seconds.

Version 13.1 Changes:
1. Added more coins to crates.
2. Added coin sounds. "Sound more like a chime XD"
3. Added, Normal Vials, Mega Vials, Anti Gen Cans purchasable at data points.
4. Added some more sounds for buying other things.

Version 13.2 Changes:
1. Fixed the coin not saving credit.
2. Fixed the green overlay being blinding past 60% noz.

Version 14 Changes:
1. Changed the size of some items. "Coins and the lot"
2. Added Capacity upgrades to the data point entity allowing you to hold more NOZ, Grenades,Alt and primary ammo.
3. Made the only way to close the menu is to press the save data and close button at the bottom.
4. Increased size of flak.
5. Reduced speed removal of bouncing.
6. Increased the flaks hit box.

Version 15 Changes:
1. Removed the console commands and moved them to the gamemode, It should work for other players when playing the sin campaign.
"Only if your smart enough to use ent_remove_all trigger_changelevel and change them by hand when in np then sure."
2. Added the Canister impact sounds from sin.
3. Added better penetration for the scatter gun and assault rifle.
4. Added a new Switch hands command "Press Walk + Sprint", this allows you to throw grenades around walls better.

Version 16 Changes:
1. Moved crosshairs up so now there perfectly on the spot.
2. Added rush to melee attacks when your to far away.
3. Added Hull attacks so even if your aim is slightly offset when the weapons anim hits, it will hit the enemy.
4. Added a more reliable hand switch system.
5. Added random npc item drops to the sin gamemode.
6. Added auto fire to the magnum. "Hold Fire"

Version 16.1 Changes:
1. Fixed lua errors in mp for melee.

Version 16.2 Changes:
1. Reduced Melee Damage.
2. FINALLY Fixed garry retardedness of having NPCS die with a SINGLE shot the face due to the fact his
"BASE GAMEMODE" had scale npc damage on 10X for the head hitbox, And it cannot be overwritten unless
it is defined in a gamemode itself, So number 2 is Added NON INSTA KILL HEADSHOTS to the Sin Campaign Gamemode.
"PS: If your reading this garry, Please clean up your shit... just please... seriouslly..."
3. Fixed up the sin_difficulty var a little.
4. Added support for my EXP Mod.

Version 16.3 Changes:
1. Removed Health regeneration.
2. Changed sin difficulty a little.
3. Removed some shots from the scattergun it does 9 shots now not 13.
4. Added bullet trace to melee so you can break objects.
5. Fixed melee hurting in a VERY large area.
6. Lowered the damage of the weapons a little.

Version 16.4 Changes:
1. Fixed players dieing a tad to quickly.
2. Fixed melee compeltely but just using bullet damage, no trace hull attacks
since there unrealible and kill stuff around you for some odd reason


  1. Changing Maximum Ammo:

First things first go into addons/Sin Weapons/lua/weapons/

Just a quick note, Whatever you change? you might want to go into the Entites folder and change the entites ammo check the weapons max ammo.

First of all, find the table for the maximum ammo on each swep, Lets
start with the Magnum.

local MagnumLimit = { }
MagnumLimit[ "pistol" ] = 100 -- Maximum primary magnum ammo
MagnumLimit[ "AR2AltFire" ] = 10 -- Maximum secondary/Duag ammo

If you want more than 100 Primary ammo ever, then you just
change it to say... 200 or 300 or any number you like,
same with the secondary, Lets look at the scattergun.

local ShotgunLimit = { }
ShotgunLimit[ "buckshot" ] = 40 -- Maximum primary shotgun ammo
ShotgunLimit[ "SMG1_Grenade" ] = 8 -- Maximum secondary/Flak ammo

Same with the magnum, change the amounts to whatever you please.
And the same goes for the assault rifle.

local AssaultLimit = { }
AssaultLimit[ "smg1" ] = 150 -- Maximum primary assault rifle ammo
AssaultLimit[ "Rpg_Round" ] = 3 -- Maximum secondary/grenade ammo

Same with that. Anyhow... The grenade limit is a tad odd,
as you have to make the grenade limit in each file equal to the rest
or it will pretty much go wierd, so you must go into each weapon
"Magnum,Scattergun,Assault Rifle" and change, 

local GrenadeLimit = { }
GrenadeLimit[ "Grenade" ] = 5

The number 5 to whatever you like. Hope this helps those who
want to change the maximum Ammo.

  1. Adding extra flak to the shotgun “This is for people who want a crap load of fun”

Ok, so this one should be easy.

First things first go into
addons/Sin Weapons/lua/weapons/weapon_sin_scattergun.lua

Then hold CTRL and press F this should bring up a Find window type in.

for i=1,

Then press enter, it should highlight and take you to a line that says that,
This pretty much says how much flak is emitted. Change 7 to the amount of
flak you want emitted everytime you use the secondary attack function.

  1. Changing the sin_create “For those who want more items”

This should be fairly easy aswell.

First goto addons/Sin Weapons/lua/entities/sin_crate/init.lua

Find the line "and by find the line i mean CTRL + F and type in".

local itemCount = math.random( 2, 3 )

Should take you to that line.

This is pretty damn simple, all you have to do is change the math random.

The first number pretty much defines the minimum amount of items
EVER dropped in this case its 2.
The second number defines the maximum amount of items
EVER dropped in this case its 3.

If you change the first number to 1 and the second number to 5
then the box will generate either 1,2,3,4 or 5 items.

If any of you want to know how to do something to these weapons to make them more “Your Style” then just ask, ill be sure to add more if you need them.

Two great addons today:SCars and THIZ!
What now is coming, the HL2 Beta SWEPS?!
Today will be a good day.

Seems like you put a lot of effort in this.
Will try them out.

Another good pack, Wizey.
Keep up the good work.

You Are the queen of lua!
Never have i seen such skills!

Last I downloaded these, you could shoot a grenade or weapon and kill yourself right after to make the timer spit errors out at you. Was this fixed?

Should be, just make sure it doesnt say MODULE ERROR, otherwise your gmods Timer module is Totally f’ed and you have to reinstall.

No, it was a matter of it trying to get the weapon you were holding when you were most definitely dead.

yeah thats fixed.

I have a bug, when i alt tab and back to the game, the crosshair its a mess.
Any way to fix this?

Once again, awesome.

Dont alt+tab out of the game… Or use -WINDOWED -NOBORDER for your launch options.

Whoah, Wizey,
You are insane.
In a good way, mind you.

Reborn SWeps indeed.

I love this SWEPS.
One headshot in a zombie using the magnum and the Zombie die!
REQUEST:Make the blue effect of the Health vial (when you heal yourself, the screen makes a blue effect.
I cant explain this good, so watch this video:

Gonna grab these again once they’re fixed, I enjoyed them.

Should be done soon, i had to remove the shortcuts since garrys prediction code sucks… REALLY badly.

Great Job!
I have downloaded all the versions.
Thanks for another great SWEP Pack!

Ate my pistol firing sound but other than that it’s fine.

EDIT: Seems to be an issue on my end according to my one friend who joined and was testing them with me.

Ho… Ly… SHIT! Its so AWESOME =D

host_timescale 1.45 + shotgun flak = hilarious to watch. oh yeah i als oforgot one of the updated. wich should be.

  1. Removed the Pump action needed on Secondary fire.