Sin when durability works on weapons?

The item durability isn’t realistic in weapons like m4’s and such… Weapons don’t have durability in real life… I’ve never seen anyone in my life have durability on there weapons… They could break like by splitting it in half and such, but it doesn’t brake when you keep shooting… It gets really annoying when you start firing then your gun just breaks while your in battle. So I suggest removing durability on weapons and just add durability to tools… Like hatchets and pick axes ect… Just to keep the realisim. I personally don’t like durability on anything, but for the sake of realisim why not. It’s an extra experience. A bit more hardcore. I kind of like it, but not on weapons…

Firearms have durability as well in real life and they need to taken care of from time to time… they should’ve come up with a different system for firearms, for example if you dont maintain your weapon then it will get broken or bad condition…

I do think m4 for example loses durability way to fast at the moment

Weapons do have durability.

I own several weapons in real life and I have indeed had parts fail on them. It’s not common, but it does happen. To say weapons don’t have durability in real life is daft.

Personally, I feel that durability for all tools/weapons is ridiculous, yes, I like the idea, but things are breaking to quickly, and the fact you lose 25% perm durability when repairing, is stupid, if anything it should 5%…

I think they can (and will) adjust these percentages. The ammount of Low Quality Metal to repair is just nuts btw!

Hey I am not sure but I don’t think this game is real life?

I think your missing the point of durability, it supposed to make being king of the throne much harder to maintain. The purpose I doubt is to punish the guy with his stone hatchet trying to hit some rocks to build more arrows while making the overpowered M4 never break.

Dude its realistic your making a gun out of sheet metal you would expect only 1-3 shots out of it before it just falls apart. For the pipe shotgun, revolver, and handcannon its realistic.

The reason for durability on weapons is to increase the end game experience and to reduce stash issues. Prior to durability groups would have HOARDS of guns and kev going from base to base as they never had a way to leave the server unless someone through them on the ground. This just lead to teams having endless supply of weapons / armor with no requirement to mine resources any further. Couple with that fact that groups would essentially just trade weapons / armor everytime someone raided. Groups would find a huge stash add it to their own, then have it taken away when another raid happens.

Durability is a good thing as it allows a way for items to acutally leave the server and keeps the farming aspect at end game pliable, however I do think the value at which items decay needs to be turned down greatly. Especially the high end weapons like M4 ect. The home made revolver or pipe shot gun I can see breaking faseter but something that is manufactured better and required WAAAAY more resources / research should have a higher durability level.

I would suspect this will come in time.

Weapons don’t have durability ? :slight_smile:

The most common weapon degradation factor is explosion of bullet upon triggering its explosion and heat produced so… barrels melt, expand and or jam - if you would fire two clips in a row say AK47 you’d have your gun so worn out it wouldn’t fire 10 yard range without replacing few parts.

Here is a video demonstrating M60 durability - ; there is a reason in WW2 machine gun soldiers carried extra barrels.

To maximize durability on aircraft GUN’s (e.g. a rotatory cannon design was incorporated to dissipate heat more efficiently in order to prevent barrel melting while firing 6k rounds per minute.

So pardon for my English - but holy fuck do weapons degrade when used and especially abused :slight_smile:

Maybe if you stop shooting at everything that moves you’ll have less durability issues. I played with the same MP5 for 10 hours straight without having to repair it. During this time I found/looted 4 MP5’s.

Use a bow for beasts and stop using 30 bullets to KOS freshspawns and the issue is resolved.

Anyway, Bow doesn’t use durability, which is weird compared to everything else.

Guys seriously , even the tools like hatchets and pickaxes have way much more durability in real life than u think. Yes they lose the edge but that’s something that can be easily fixed.
Even weapons, if maintained will last for a fair ammount of time without anything broking.
Besides this is a game, how the hell can you make wood planks without any tools? split them with your nails? How are you gonna make metal structures without blowtorches and such ?
You said to keep the realism? since when can people make huge houses in seconds.
Leave the BS out of here it won’t improve the game.

Secondly for those who say that durability is to balance the game,I will tell you this.I have a group to play with.We have lots of triple boxes full of kevlar, farming players has neve been easier since they don’t wanna lose or damage the little they have and when we attack or raid someone we easily steal everything they have since those that have little have are the ones who will lose the most even if they can manage to defend their house.The repair costs for the durability of what they might get is just ridiculous. The game has now taken a step to where only people who can spend lots of time playing will flourish.While the ones with less time will get frustrated and drop the game since its a waste of precios time for those who don’t have too much time in their hands.

Ive used a mauser rifle which I have oiled up and brushed the barrel of. Its still got all original parts and gbe damn this is from ww2. Automatic weapons have more moving components. It should be slowed down but not removed. There must have been a silent update a few days ago, hatchets dont break as fast anymore which is awesome.

Feel free to join my server :stuck_out_tongue:

We have reduced durability so stuff doesn’t break down NEARLY as fast. Doesn’t hurt to give it a shot.

-Server Owner

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I personally feel that is what the repair station is for. You should always be able to bring the item back to 100% durability or break it down into parts to make the new one/repair the old.

Most likely the same reasons why The Rock is indestructible: So you always have an option(in this case for ranged combat) and because its the most primitive ranged weapon.

In reality, can anything really be repaired to 100% new/fresh condition? Be thankful that given you are working with scrap, animal skin and hunks of wood that they didn’t put a failure chance in or a chance to hurt yourself while doing repairs.

All I’m going to say is the pickaxe in my back yard is 15 years old and as good as the day I bought it. That said I’m not breaking up rock with it, most concrete and dirt but my point is the duribility in this game is too weak. When I go on a run I have to carry several pickaxes with me. If I don’t then I’m forced to build new ones in the field. This isn’t realistic at all. I’m cool with the idea behind this but I think most everything degrades way too fast.

Server admin can adjust this though or disable it so you should talk to the admin on your server.

I have this feature disabled on my server.

If you run a server, changing durability is incredibly easy to do. I’m currently running on 20% of the official rate and it feels pretty good so far. That said, with repairs I can understand why the current rate may seem okay…

Less durability damage, far less total durability when you repair would be the better results I think… but as is my current settings work well for our purposes.

AK74 while I understand your idea, but you are wrong about the gun being worn out after 2 MAGAZINES(not clips).

Funny how you yell “REALISM” when it suits you. We’re making m4’s that has 0 MOA at 120 range with low quality metal…

It’s a game, and the game need something so it won’t be stale.