Since hotfix, problems with TTT!

Halos on guns and players, and bodies disappear. Also,when you die, you go to a black screen, as reported in other threads. This is making TTT difficult to play. After the 7/8 update this did not happen, it is only since the 7/11 hotfix. Can you please tell me if there might be another update to fix these so I can tell my players? Thanks so much!

Reupdate your server to fix the halo and blackscren issue.

Thanks I have contacted my webhost, but can you telll me if the bodies disappearing can be fixed, or if I can fix it myself somehow? It 's pretty important in TTT that players can id bodies.

I dunno what causes it, perhaps you have that “anti ragdoll crash” script installed?

Post server console logs when it happens.

Post the error you get when bodies disappear. The bodies disappearing most likely means you server does not have the .mdl rag-doll file so it can’t apply the physics when to the rag-doll when the player dies.

The player body does not actually disappear but instead goes the the origin of the map dead centrer usually under the map the body will probably be T posed under it. So go see if that’s happening then all you have to do is fix the player models up.

Otherwise if you don’t see player models under the map then there’s probably an error in the DoPlayerDeath hook go look into that if you use it in scripts. That’s all I can tell you it’s most likely one of those two things as I mess with player models on TTT all the time and that’s the most common problem but easy to fix.