Since Tf2 is free and on the same engine.. could gmod Implement it's Entities?

Weapons and items, Robots and bot players.

Just a polite request to valve and some copy paste. Is that a terrible thing to suggest? (yes, but be positive… like a nuetron! )

(twas a joke, i did well in high school chemistry)

Health and Ammo entities including Bots with navigation, yeah. But the weapons and robots, HHH and Monoculus would need loads of work especially when done with LUA

Am I missing a joke or did you just get that wrong?

Anyway, yeah, it’s more than CP on valve’s part, but it is possible if you want to dedicate some time to getting it working, or you could request it to a modder.

The problem with the weapons is that TF2 has different skeletons than any other source game (so their animations won’t work/ will look really wierd unless new animation for each weapon type is made

Yes, he got it confused with proton.

There was a monoculus SENT on toybox. Teleporters are Most of the weapons are done in the old abandoned TF2 mod.

GMOD 13 is coming very soon and will be on a unique version of Source, so most likely no. Plus, the TF2 models are larger than the Half Life 2 models. Have you tried to make Kleiner hold a minigun? Hell, Heavy’s ragdoll barely holds it.

That’s where the Bonemerger comes in handy, at least if you use TF weapon models which are meant for TF skeletons or L4D Survivors meant to use items from their games. Otherwise you’d have to weld the model creatively yourself