Since when did the game support L4D maps?

the game suddenly started supporting L4D1 maps. Not L4D2, Portal 2, or CSGO, but just L4D1. maps are basically unusable with fullbright, broken skyboxes and lack of anything besides the ability to explore the basic map.

since when did this happen? last time I played the maps weren’t even loadable. will more maps be supported in the future? will the lighting ever be fixed?

Support was added a while back – I gifted Robotboy the game and he kindly made the maps work with Garry’s Mod. You can report any issues with them here:

Can we gift him other games in Source and see if he’ll make them work too?

Non-Valve games require permission from the developer. All Source engine games that aren’t on the new engine branch (L4D2, Portal 2, CS:GO, Blade Symphony) are already supported.

Ever heard of the game Nuclear Dawn? I don’t know what version of the source engine it uses, but maps aren’t supported when I try to load them up. The development of the game is dead, and the developers are quiet, but I have a few copies to give away, and it’d be cool to use the maps for things.

It is on a newer branch of the Source engine – it falls in the same category of CS:GO, L4D2 and Portal 2 maps.