Since when is building in a rock punishable?

Holmzy logged in and destroyed our base in a rock on london 1. I even reported that it is still possible to get inside a rock and we are the ones that are getting punished?

I want to see where you written this rule Facepunch??? It was allowed for ages.

Maybe after the fourth time they attempted to remove it and still you fuckers are doing it?

Reporting an exploit doesn’t mean that you can abuse it freely and not get away with it. I doubt it was ever ‘allowed’, more nothing was done about it because it was too easy to do.

Now that there are less people doing it due to various fixes it makes sense to clean up the odd one.

How can you even whine about an admin stopping you abusing exploits?

I just want to read where is this rule written that devs will come and destroy everything

I am OK with that, because it is ofcourse not fair to other players, but i know that there are bases in a rocks on london 1. But we got reported and only our base got destroyed?

Report other people doing it, maybe they will get removed too.

I don’t see why there needs to be a ‘written rule’, they shouldn’t need to explicitly tell people not to exploit the game.

It’s pretty idiotic to expect a rule designated for this specific exploit. Blatant cheating is always “against the rules”.

Actually If that would happen to all rock bases i would be fine with that.

Yeah I guess the admins should just go around flying inside every rock so they can keep demolishing the works of innocent players.

If you know there’s a rock-base, report it. If you live in a rock base and get reported, and your base gets removed, don’t whine, you had it coming for you.

Is there a admin on official server which can remove rock bases?
How does Holmzy remove the rock base?

He comes inside and use lots of c4

How can i share a steam screenshot ? i want show him something
I will observe the guy in the rock house and find out how he enter the rock.

Pretty sure he reads these threads enough, he will know. You should definitely get some evidence about how he is getting inside rocks because to the devs knowledge, that problem was fixed and it’s important they know about any other ways to get in.

In the TOS.

That line specifically refers to software, IE hacks. This is a case of exploit abuse.

This is what OP falls under right now.

It’s a glitch you’re exploiting it not only is that lame but it’s also very stupid. In most cases its punishable no matter what your playing.

End of story.

Facepunch Singapore l server has the same problem and I found out that the way they did it is to use the chest to push themselves close enough into the rock so they can deploy their sleeping bags. that’s one method that will work for sure, the other one is to put a foundation and a stairblock on top of it. That, i saw people doing but haven’t tried it out myself. Not sure of the mechanics.

although the insight into how it is done is appreciated, you probably didn’t need to revive a thread from august to report it:)