Sing for your freedom, bandit!

Oh man, this game. This game.

I’m still new, but have had some of the most incredible moments in Rust. Forget the battles, forget the builds, it’s moments like these that’ll have me coming back for more time and time again.

Cant wait to see how the game changes as updates are released, but already i cant get enough.

Hope its ok to post this here, i’m pretty new to YouTube too, but have enjoyed everyones videos so much, i thought you might enjoy mine. :slight_smile:

This was awesome. My colleagues and I found this hilarious. Keep these videos coming.

Thanks! After the game i had tonight. There’s definitely plenty more to come. :slight_smile:

Poor guy! He actually did sing. :frowning: Gotta try that though!

hehe, he did! Give it a try…

I’m now thinking about starting up a ‘Bandit’s Got Talent’ show. =)

ThingsWePlay, are you interested in recording together? I have around 200 subs, around 60,000 views in total. So it would be nice to play and record with you. Also I play games like Rust (80 hours) DayZ (300 hours) BF4 and much more! So let me know guys cause it would be great to record with you :slight_smile:

Now that’s fun, keep them vids comin’ ThingsWePlay.

You didn’t even check his loot… maybe he had a gun…

And yes, I have gone out with a rock forgetting I’ve had a gun… multiple times. =\

Well, i never intended for him to meet the end he did either. That was just an unfortunate piece of karma. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the feedback guys, ive plenty more stuff to come. Rust just throws up an adventure every time i play.

Oh and @Vatiox, yeah, that could be fun. Maybe we can work something out.

Best thing ever. Iv subed and am hoping for lots more rust wether its serious or like this =)

Woulda been better if he came out and tried to kill you with his rock again.

Hehe i love it :slight_smile: Why this kid dont try broke doors or suicide ? :slight_smile:

i bet it was a newbe… :slight_smile:

He sounded 10 yrs old and dropping the C-bomb… Tuff kids online.

…and we thought Call of Duty players were bad. :S

At least in Rust - if you’re lucky enough to snare one, you can at least teach him a lesson.

Good stuff, you have a great voice for commentary, will check out more of your stuff when I’m on a desktop.

Since I’m getting a lot of questions on YouTube and there’s no elegant way to reply to all on there I thought I’d put this here.

I am starting a Rust series and there will be plenty more videos coming very soon (I’m editing right now). I post a lot of videos to my channel often and of a lot of different games, but Rust will be a permanent ongoing fixture amongst that. So don’t panic if you seen another game go up. Rust is high in fibre, and will remain regular.

There are a couple of other Rust videos that I’ve made in the past from literally when I first started playing that you might want to check out in the meantime, but the forthcoming series is already vastly improved in my opinion.

So thanks for all the kind feedback guys, be sure to subscribe and stay tuned - there’s loads more great stuff to come. :slight_smile: