Single Account, Two Computer, Lan?

I know its been asked a billion times, and I’m sorry, but I couldnt find any answers that werent at least a year old. Anyway, can someone please help me? I want to try running a LAN server with my friend using only one account. Like, I want to kill zombies with him, but dont feel like paying to have another gmod. Is there any way to do this? We have the following supplies:

1 Acc, Gmod and HL2 purchased
2 Laptops. A Dell Vista and a Windows 7 Toshiba
1 Ethernet Cable
1 Wireless Modem

Please help. This wont be for anything other than zombie killing with my friend, and will be greatly appreciated.

Can’t do it on the same account, unfortunately.

Just tell your friend to get GMod, it’s well-worth-it.

Worth it? They are going on GMOD just to kill zombies.

At which point they discover all the other cool stuff they can do. If they want to just kill zombies they can play Left 4 Dead.

Yeah, but there is a problem: If I want to play with a friend and have exactly the same content we would need to buy Half-Life 2, TF2, CSS, HL2 LC, HL2 EP1, HL2 EP2, Portal and GMOD.Again.

I hate not being able to play over LAN with the same account on both PCs…

Or you could just, y’know, not use those things.

Besides, HL2 props come with GMod anyway.

Well damnit. It seems we cant do it anymore. I know sixty billion people have talked about doing it over the same account, and all we want to do is kill zombies. We’ve already discovered the cool things with it, but for now, zombies are the best use of our time. Hmmm…I’m thinking he could do something which is questionable to get it, like getting it from some sort of…Yeah, I’m not gonna go into details, but if anyone finds a way to do this still, post it.

You don’t even need to say it. We know what you mean.


Can’t you do this using offline mode in steam? or can’t you do that anymore?


Actually, I’m sure I’ve done this before. Whether it still works or not, I don’t know. I certainly had to overcome several issues. If this in some way violates rules etc, let me know.

Not sure if this will work for you, but this is how I’ve managed it previously:

Log in to steam, launch garrysmod and disconnect from the internet. Then do the same for your friend - have them launch steam & gmod on your account on the other system and then disconnect from the network. Once both offline (don’t close gmod or steam), connect via ethernet then just launch a LAN game like normal.

Tried it. Every time it loads,
user connected to server,
the excitement sets in,
I dont know what it means, but its so sad.


Only problem is you have to host a ‘special’ server to have the second user connect, and I have no clue how to do this correctly.