Single-Engine Plane W.I.P

This is my current project, an Airplane! (i like stuff that flies)

I know i just posted a flying car yesterday, but this ain’t a 10 min contraption, i’ve just had it on hold because i had technical difficulties (it currently persists of 85 props, which is hard to keep in order :p).

Anyhow!, as you can see it’s got a body made up of phx parts, including Flaps, Ailerons, rudders and elevators (yes 2 elevators :P), it has an EP2 Jalopy engine and will have a flight computer (kinda) which you can see at the bottom picture (

I might make it EGP instead of GPU though).

Furthermore the actual thrust of the plane will be applied to the engine via E:applyForce(), based on the RPM of the Propeller for added realism (yey) and of course the whole thing will be kept airborne via Fin tool.

Hmm… what else… oh yes! It also has actual engine sounds with one for startup, one for running(adjusting pitch according to engine rpm) and one for shut down (thank you Postman of the Wiremod forum)

edit done with the control-surface… controls and made some custom sounds for the engine (need to put more work into the sounds though, the idle loop and shutoff sounds doesn’t sound right yet)

Replaced the plane pic’s with a video

My first Testflight, as you can see i didn’t think of the speed Vs. map size when i started this… :stuck_out_tongue:

To do:
Fix sound
“tighten up” the control surfaces
add flap and engine indicators to flight comp.
maby make it prettiers…
any other ideas?

flight comp.

how about the “Post your current WIP” thread?

Well for starters, it’s a thread… Here i can update as i finish and just post it here when i’m done instead of making a second thread.

I think that it very cool and it will be awesome when you complete it.

No keep using the GPU. Not only is the EGP not an official WM Entity, but its horribly bugged and just fails in every way. I’m glad to actually see someone on FP who can use the GPU, for that I give you props. The plane looks rather cool too.

0:40 hoverball? O_O

The plane could use some work. Better materials, fuselage, and cockpit.

that’s the poly-weld, i’d like to see you do a 90+ prop plane without it :wink:

yeh well, i don’t make stuff to be pretty, i don’t care about the cosmetic part of a creation beside symmetri :stuck_out_tongue: i’m more interested in what it can actually do and how it does it


isn’t parenting just a less efficient version of poly-weld?

No. It’s better. It removes physics alltogether. Basically the only physics calculation is performed on the prop everything is parented to.

well that ain’t better (for me at least), i want what’s there, to be there, if i remove the physics there isn’t any point of having it there :p.

edit wrote that whole comment while watching your avatar, it’s distracting!

Just that poly weld won’t work good with 200+ props.
And not all servers have it either because it sometimes crashes.

But yeah, If it works good then polyweld is probably a good option because you get physics and no bending and lag. I think it’s cool that you used the gpu by the way. I haven’t seen that in a while, And when i do, They are just using the same code as everyone else.

oh, i love the gpu, it’s just too bad that it uses so much power, it singlehandedly brings me from 80 fps to 25, even with a fps limiter on the gpu (that is with a E2 running at 850 ops too though)

Do you know where i can get the best parenting tool? My next project’s going to be a mech (actual mech, walking, shaking ze ground when it comes towards ya! none of that flying body with legs looking like it’s walking crap) and it think it’ll be usefull for it

The parenting tool in there is what almost everybody uses here.
Except for the guys who build on nodex, But they have their own little addon that is only for their server.

Protip: Using the Camera stool will remove the health indicator at the bottom left.

Anyone noticed that only 1-2 of the posts here are about the plane? stop posting about stuff that doesn’t concern the plane please :stuck_out_tongue: (not you kp3, i asked you)

I don’t find your plane interesting Oo

Its an interesting little plane. Is it truely fin controlled? It looks kinda Mooney Bravo-ish

one of these days ill have to make a cessna 172. I cant go through flight school without making my trainer plane in gmod!

Gah, your little flight computer is going to force me to learn gpu.

yup, not a single thruster or hoverball on the thing, and the only applyForce is on the engine to simulate the propeller pulling, whole plane weighs a metric ton or 2, too