Single Install, Multiple Servers


I am currently in the process of creating multiple servers, on a dedicated server. As this server is also used for other services, I wanted to keep disk utilization to the bare minimum.

I thought running multiple servers, of a single server install (If you get what I mean, 1 set of files, for 5 servers) would be the best way to go, and so far, we have run into very few problems.

For a quick overview, the server is running ULX, and game modes include DarkRP as well as Sand Box, for the time being.

The issue I have run into, is loading multiple server.cfg files upon start up of the server. (Example: I want server 2 to have a password, whilst server 1 remains public)

Is there any way to load different server.cfg files, for every server started? I have tried [+exec server2.cfg]and that did not seem to work.

If you need anymore information, feel free to ask.

Thanks is advance,

  • Dayve

I’d assume the problem is because you still have a file named server.cfg, and srcds will load that file first and put whatever is in there over other CFG’s. Simplest fix (I think) would be to just rename the server.cfg to server1.cfg, then server2.cfg for the other server, an so on.
You would also need to do the +exec server1/2/3.cfg in launch. Hope this helps.

Somehow doubt that will work. Post back if it does, could be a useful thing.

Just have server.cfg be blank.
Then server1.cfg and others being the different ones and call with +exec as KFrohman said.