Single life buffs will make handcuffing/ capturing have a point.

Lots of people have suggested how having buffs, earned through activity, would make players value their lives more. E.g. the more wood you chop, the quicker you chop. The more you shoot, the more accurate you are. The more you run, the faster you are. But if you die, you lose it all and back to square 1.

With the hint that handcuffing and capturing prisoners is coming (cage on a truck), I couldn’t see any point in it. Someone captures you, you just suicide. But they can’t take away the suicide option as this would mean your whole time on a server could be ended by being captured and stuck in a box = no fun, everyone leaves the server.

However, if you have buffs, then you have a reason not to suicide- and this could lead to ransom situations. So if you get captured, your buddies can arrange prisoner swap or ransom. If I have been alive a week and have gained lots of skill, my buddies will pay 10k metal to get me back.


Something like this, though it’s hard to say in what form. Life just needs more value.

I like this idea. I’m not sure how I feel about buffs but something needs to cause players to hesitate about suicide.

I think the key to this is an incentive to stay alive. Right now, there is none outside of not losing what you have on your person. If you’re a naked with a rock and torch, then there’s zero incentive to stay alive.

Penalizing suicide is one way, but it has its limits. Yes, a global cooldown on sleeping bags would certainly prevent people from killing themselves for animal fat. But that still doesn’t give anyone any incentive to try to not die.

I don’t have any real suggestions as to how to reward staying alive. The buff system could potentially work. And I see from another thread that there is a sort of buff now placed on animal fat a human can give. That’s a bit of a step in the right direction.

I want to see clans capturing enemies and saving friends from enemy bases

If I were captured, and this concept were in place, I would suicide or log off the server and play on another.

Sure I’d have to start over, but currently there are enough dick players that make the game unfun… giving them another tool to grief other players just makes it that more frustrating to play for the person they decide to take as a captive.

I guess it depends on what capacity capturing is being used for.

If you are captured as part of a raid, or you were trying to steal from a quarry/ pump jack, etc., that’s one thing.

If you are minding your own business and a group decides they want to abduct people because they are bored, then they lock you in a room and run off to do something else because they are bored… no thanks.

Junomjii, look at it from this point of view…

They could either kill you, or capture you. If you decide to suicide, it makes no difference to you, they may as well have killed you. So nothing is lost.

But if there is a ransom or trade situation possible, e.g. they release you if you will go and gather 10k wood for them, then they let you go, even return your gear, there is a possible upside and a reason not to suicide.

But, as stated above, there needs to be a reason not to suicide i.e. buffs. Or I agree, I would just suicide.

I agree with that example, people would have fun with that, but again, the majority of people are dick players and would drop you in a locked room just to see how long before you suicide, or kill you after a period of time of you being there rather than making a ransom or trade.

I think as long as the handcuff mechanic forces the prisoner to be babysitted every 4 minutes and could break out if neglected then preventing suicide wouldn’t be so bad. Would be interesting way of preventing sleeping bag spam during raids.

Even items aren’t an incentive for life because when you are captured they can empty your body anyway (prior to you dying).

A good incentive to stay alive would be a level system with certain blueprints able to be read depending on your level. Also, possibly a skill tree? Loss of live through suicide resets your levels, resets all blueprint knowledge (except basic), and of course takes your items. Now maybe being killed can drop you a few levels, but committing suicide should be a player wipe. That would be incentive for players to stay alive and play more carefully. New players with just rocks and a torch, would be useless prisoners as they could just suicide and restart their characters. In other words, no need to grief new players as prisoners when they will just suicide out. But raids and players with history, have more to live for/ransom/not suicide. *edit, I didn’t know buffs were like a leveling system. Good original post.