Single piece of a tank track

I’ve been having trouble actually finding one, so now I’m asking around here if someone has the time to make one.
What I’m looking for is basically something like this:

It has to have a decent collision model so the little piece in the middle can go between two wheels while the rest stays underneath it.
If you have a better idea of what it should look like you can just go ahead and customize it to your own liking as long as it will work in-game.

I’m looking forward to see some screenshots of your models.

Seriously guys? no one?

Pretty sure getting it to actually work in-game is going to be nigh-impossible. The Source physics engine just isn’t up to it.

I know, but its not supposed to be a whole track, just one piece.
I can compile it myself, and it just has to be a prop, not an entity.
And as far as getting it to work, I’ve made working tank tracks in gmod before but they just look really ugly.